Sunday, 22 August 2010

MrsM struggles with her conscience

Self Portrait with Julie
Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun (1755 - 1842)

MissM flies to Dubai today
to spend time with the Sassy MissS.

MrsM is missing her already
and they haven't even got to the airport.

MrsM loves having MissM at home.
She enjoys the benefits of
a live-in style consultant,
in-depth reviews of actors' careers,
freshly baked caramel shortbread,
and the sparkiest conversation.

The good news is that MissM is having a Gap Year.
MrsM is going make the most of every minute
and she may even permit MissM to travel occasionally...
provided that she schedules her return
before the caramel shortbread runs out.


  1. I think your bargain is just sensible, MissM, have FUN!

  2. Surely a woman of your calibre can make her own shortbread.

    To welcome her home with.

  3. A gap year making shortbread is a gap year well spent.

  4. Smiling, slightly tearfully! I'm starting to feel sad at the thought of boys just going back to school. Together- even when they fight- is nice!

  5. I was unsure about your offer of a part share in a twenty year old, but a part share in a style consultant / caramel-shortbread baker is something I'd definately consider...what a shame she's leaving the country.

  6. Oh, how I sympathise! My own Miss G has just returned from TWO years in the USA (working, not gapping) and promptly frog-marched me to the shops to replace an unsuitable wedding outfit bought alone. She is pondering her future and I need all my reserves of self control not to cry: 'Please don't go far!'

  7. Bless - I'm sure you will survive, just - we can weep on each others shoulders :o(

  8. Shortbread is obviously a family thing.
    I got second prize at the local horticultural show in the cookery class for mine, using a wartime recipe that Miss M's great grandmother taught me.

  9. Your house will be quiet but your thighs will be thin ;-) (did you have that bike race?) Hope MissM is home a lot in her gap year!


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