Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Words roll free from a tongue sometime
From a sometime, tongue-tied tongue,
Words that were heard by the stream and the bird
When the world and the wild were young,
When the world and the wild were young, sometime…
(Larkspur, marigold, ebony, lime) .

Sounds that were born in sweet young breath
In a bubble-sighed, trouble-tried time,
Sounds that were found by a child at the breast
In a bubble-tried pantomime,
In a bubble-tried pantomime, no less…
(Nightshade, cinnamon, green watercress) .

Love is the sound of a word, soft-said
From the lips of the love you too,
Love is the dove of the bubble-thought read
Soft sift from the me to you,
Soft sift from the me to you, soft said…
(Homespun, empathy, marmalade, bread) .

David Lewis Paget (1973)


  1. So lovely, and thank you. These words will follow me into the night and be my prayer..sigh. All good.
    ellen k.

  2. Such wonderful images, and words to match. A poet I have not heard of before. A great way to start a new day. Thank you.

  3. Homespun - one of the most beautiful words ever

    and a beautiful poem

    with perfect photos..

  4. I'm always: "oooh, how beautiful!!!"
    both visually and lyrics in your blog.

  5. Another great introduction. Many thanks.

  6. I looked up David Lewis Paget and discovered he's a Brit now living in Aus.

    So interesting!

  7. wonderful photos is the softest deicate purple.
    love the words Hopespun and Empathy.
    ~ beautiful...x


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