Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Auld Triangle...

went jingle, jangle**

**from the lyrics by Dominic Behan
for the play 'The Quare Fellow'
written by his brother, Brendan.

To get the full effect
you have to imagine thousands of fans
in full Paddy's Day regalia
waving flags and cheering wildly
at every jingle
and every jangle.


  1. "... All along the banks of The Royal Canal."

  2. I should point out that the triangle is as nutty as a fruit cake and does an extremely good job of making all other supporters look (relatively) sane

  3. that should of course read the 'triangle player' ... he is a warning to us all

  4. Good result for the Exiles v Exeter yesterday - what a let down for the Tractor Boys after the LV cup final - talk about bringing them back to earth with a bump :(

  5. Oh, Trash beat me to it!

    I suspect we were supporting different sides in the Boat Race - let's just say Rupert and I did a happy dance round the kitchen. And kept very quiet about it in the village :-)

  6. The wonderful thing about being schizophrenic (i.e. both Irish and English) is that day was a joy either way. Bring back Ronnie Drew I say.

  7. Ha! we've been singing that song around our house, too!


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