Monday, 28 March 2011

Joining the Twitterati

William Morris (1878)

MrsM interviews herself!

Why did you decide to start using Twitter?
MrsM says:
My sister-in-law has
a two year old and a baby.
If she can do it so can I.

Is it easy to start?
MrsM says:
I'm not going to lie...
I typed "How to use Twitter" into Google

What is the most difficult bit?
MrsM says:
Thinking of a name.
It took a bag and a half of Maltesers
to come up with MrsM_lite

What is a hash tag?
MrsM says:
No idea.
Sounds edible but unpleasant
Do I need to know?

Twitter is trivial stuff about everyday life.

MrsM says:
I blog.
I do that already.
What's new?

The best bit about Twitter?
MrsM says:
You get to share Coffee Lady's life in real time.

The worst bit about Twitter?
MrsM says:
TheListWriter is funnier than me.

Why bother unless there is a revolution?
MrsM says:
Listen up!
The revolution has reached F&M.
People like me need to be ready.


  1. The Revolution has reached F&M??

    To the ST. James' Room to regroup and plan our battle strategy over a glass of champagne and a plate of delicate pastries!

  2. I am starting to feel more and more obsolete here.
    One day I might have to retreat as I can't keep up with you hi tech gals.

  3. Oooh, the pressure! Off to think up clever and witty retorts now, thereby killing the humour.

  4. How very amusing, Mrs M, and not at all convincing. I stick to my position re Q. 8. But then we don't have anything like F & M up here in the frozen North....

    I hope you have fun with it; although maybe, like clackers and Pacman, it will be a craze that comes and goes. (I'm not immune to a craze: I tried Angry Birds for a while, and found myself bored by the end.)

    Oh dear, how sour and joyless I sound! Enjoy tweeting, dear MrsM, but don't forget your blog addicts.....

  5. I think the only way I could be convinced to join the twitterati would be through access to a fancy phone for instant updates. On the flip side, I often think I've fb-status updated too frequently (i.e. more than once in a day) so perhaps twitter would be one step too far?

  6. The other night I gave a quick hashtag tutorial to Mr Coffee and his colleague over dinner. Let me know if you need me.

  7. I have enough trouble keeping up with blogging and FB but I do so love William Morris :-)


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