Wednesday, 16 March 2011

MasterM, tenant

An extract from correspondence
between MasterM
and the landlord of the student house
that MasterM shares with four friends.

re: your voicemail regarding a blonde lady, who had been allegedly staying over on Monday 1st March. If the anonymous accuser had inspected closer they may have seen that she was in fact wearing running kit and had stopped at the house on her early morning jog...


  1. Because God forbid two 20 somethign should spend the night ...
    Oh yeah, I know I shouldn't say this, but people ... with all the world is witnessing, leave these kids alone! There's so much tragedy are sorrow that I am ALL for fun and love and young people enjoying life.
    There, I said it.
    Shoot me.

  2. Blimey, that's a strict landlord. Mine didn't even notice that Mr DC had, to all intents and purposes, moved in.

    My mother still doesn't know that - or so I choose to believe ;-)

  3. Anonymous accusers don't bother with the finer details. The risk of challenging the narrow view from their poisonous little minds is too great.

    One has to wonder about the landlord leaving a voicemail message too.... surely such heinous (alleged) crimes deserve a dawn raid?

  4. My colleague once had to run into the street to stop his neighbour phoning his fiancee after I was seen at his house at 8am (I'd been dropped off for him to give me a lift to work because MrC had the car)

    However, the fact that his neighbour immediately jumped to the wrong conclusion was perfectly understandable, given my colleague's lifestyle. Just because I wasn't the girl didn't mean that the girl didn't exist.

  5. An excellent defence. I think MasterM should consider a career in law.

  6. All I can think of is that scene from the Young Ones about seeing dawn coming in - at which point a leggy blonde in full running kit a la 1986 comes running past. A mahoosive thanks to Master M for once again unwittingly causing me to smile through the day.

  7. You have to admire his quick thinking!

  8. Thirdly -- and what exactly were firstly and secondly?

  9. that can't be right - surely students don't go jogging (at least not before 11am....)

  10. Stopped on the street early one morning (pre wedding) by a rawther imposing dowager I knew socially, the RID said to me, "Oh, how sweet, I see you stop by to cook breakfast for your intended." Yeah right.


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