Friday, 25 March 2011


MasterM changes his profile picture regularly
and it is a cryptic form of micro-blogging.

Some pictures are obvious:
Geoffrey the house duck...

some are time limited:
the Football World Cup...

some are puzzling:

and some are just worrying.

I spent last night setting up a Twitter account.
It took ages to load my profile picture
but when I saw my little blue lady
who has travelled with me for four years
I felt as though I had arrived.

I am learning as I go along
but you are welcome to join me...



  1. For some reason, "tweeting" makes me much more nervous than blogging ever did.
    i'm following you, but i promise i'm not stalker.

  2. Oh!
    Oldest has very fond memories of watching Shaka Zulu with my father (while I cringed in horror in the other room).
    We had forgotten all about it and saw something about it just last week...

  3. Oh, you are far more technologically advanced than I am. Twitter scares me - perhaps I should be braver!

  4. Lovely Mrs M, I want to say Hello on Twitter, but the link isn't working for me.

  5. I too change my screensaver like the wind. Twitter a step too far at the moment. I am only just getting used to blogging!

  6. Thank goodness. Someone worth following. I seem to have fallen in with idiots on Twitter.

  7. I am also very new to twitter and your tweets are already much more poetic than mine! I have just clicked on the follow button...I'm @apricotknitting...I'll be the one umming and ahing over something good to tweet!

  8. I've joined you on Twitter but I confess I don't often "tweet" and I don't really get the point... plus I forget I've got a Twitter account and don't remember to check it! There's no hope for me.

  9. Why Twitter? I'm serious; I haven't understood the point of it at all unless you are in the middle of a fast-moving revolution. And does it capture you for life, with no possibility of really escaping, like Facebook?

  10. yeah.
    I quite love twitter. may I suggest you follow @pitchforkmedia for good music links. seriously good.

  11. I tried twitter and failed miserably. I just can't seem to condense life down in to 140 characters.

  12. I'm afraid that the Matrix really will come and plug a big thing into the base of my head if I cross this one theshold too far!

  13. A Young AcademicMarch 28, 2011

    While I certainly don't mean to impugn the reputation of an unquestionably upstanding young chap, but are we entirely convinced that MasterM's ♥ for Brazilians is truly a comment on his passion for Latin American football?


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