Thursday, 28 July 2011

Crackington Haven

If you turn at the edge of the sand
and walk up the steep path,
through gates and over stiles,
breathing in the salt air
and the sharp fragrance of gorse,
you come to the Cambeak
between Pencannow Point
and the Strangles.

You can look onwards
to the great sweep of coastline
or you can look back
at the headland and beach.

I looked back, of course.


  1. So beautiful, Alice! And so full of beautiful memories for you.

    I've never been to Cornwall. Someday, I hope.

  2. I remember this Crackington Haven post so well. These days I feel like a two-headed Janus, don't you?

  3. You have a way of perfectly blending past and future with a spritz of present and life looks just beautiful each time I visit.

  4. What a glorious place, and a gorgeous post.

    These days I find myself looking back more and more frequently. And then a not-so-small person jumps on my head and I'm dragged right back into the present.

  5. You are making me look forward to my Cornish holiday at the end of August Alice.

  6. Sweet memories Alice. It is not that life is moving on that is the problem, it is the speed it is going that makes us look back whistfully.

  7. I have a biblical name so perhaps i can be forgiven for being as foolhardy as Lot's wife.
    When tempted with the word "back" written in red I could only click.

    ERROR - this service is unavailable.
    In cyber times this fate is even worse than ending your life as a pillar of salt.

    What have I missed? Have I missed anything? Would I be disappointed if I arrived?

  8. Beautiful photos, I'm feeling very landlocked here in the Midlands! We've been doing a lot of looking back lately, the future is a bit too foggy at present.

  9. i love this post, and Ruth's comment!

  10. Liz in Missouri (USA)July 28, 2011

    ~~~~~sigh~~~~~ I love your Blog!


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