Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Shopping with MrM

It is a wet Monday afternoon in Chagford

MrsM finds herself in a hardware shop

MrM believes this is a "Retail Opportunity"

MrsM thinks that MissM might not agree...
brown fleece tops and thermos flasks
do not ever feature on her wish list

MrsM is grateful that MasterM is not there
to try out the handcarved walking sticks
because it is many years
since MrsM has been asked to leave a shop...

MrsM hears MrM trying to decide
which penknife to buy

MrM is enthusiastic

There is far too much choice

MrsM sighs

And then MrsM remembers that,
a long time ago,
she promised bb
that she would post photos of tweed caps

And MrsM smiles


  1. Oh, but which one do I WANT?!


    Can you describe the scent of the store?

  2. Is hardware shop the same as an ironmongers'? I'm never sure. There was an old-fashioned ironmongers' where I grew up which looked exactly like the one in Ladybird's Shopping With Mother.

    What did MrM buy?

  3. AnonymousJuly 19, 2011

    I want a whole lot of tweed caps now. That one and that one and that one too.

  4. I need a tweed hat at the moment. It would stop the rain getting in my ears. Hardware shops can be so interesting, like an aladdins cave of things you didn't know you needed.

  5. Relish the rain. Dance in it until you're soaked to the bone. Act as if no one is watching.
    Heat wave here.
    I'm so jealous.

    Also, Sue, I've never heard the word ironmonger before. Most excellent term. This is another example of why I love this blog.

  6. I remember being asked to leave a shop once. Admittedly, it was a very posh shop in a ski resort and we had shuffled in wearing our snowboard gear straight off the mountains and dripping dirty melted snow on their polished floors ...

  7. An ironmonger only sells sells nails, hammers and suchlike. A hardware shop sells everything that you will ever need ever.

  8. AnonymousJuly 19, 2011

    Good looking hats and caps there.

    Our Ironmonger was established in 1740 and is still owned and run by the same family. They sell everything in there, including the ring to go though a pig's nose, but not clothing. I love going there, I find so many useful things and nails and screws are sold singly.

  9. I've been in that shop, we were after boots to walk the moors, tennis shoes weren't making it.

  10. Funny ... I have Bb moments too ...

  11. The evidence suggests tha MrM needs more of MissM's sartorial advice. Unless, of course, he was only buying a pen knife and not a hat.

  12. MrM is obliged to point out that he is still hatless although I was tempted to be a Sherlock wannabe, striding over Dartmoor, Would have had to have been in a houndstooth check of course ...


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