Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Shopping with MrM

MrM needs new Wellington boots
so MrsM takes MrM to the farm supply shop
which sells rat-traps, hen food, boilersuits
and everything in between.

MrsM finds the pair of boots
that are exactly
the right size
the right style
and then leaves MrM to decide.

MrsM knows it could be a little while
and so she goes back to the car
and gets her camera.

There are brushes to photograph!

Brown brushes, blue brushes,
big and little brushes
brushes for chimneys
and brushes for farmyards.

In the background MrM is opening boxes
and trying on different styles
and asking the assistant to check the storeroom.

Eventually, just as MrsM is trying to decide
whether to start photographing beans or tweed caps,
MrM comes to find her.
He has decided to buy the original pair of boots.


  1. those are so awesome! Well photographed!

  2. My goodness..I feel absolutely blessed and thrilled to have landed on this very spot. You are a wonder times two and perhaps more than two..six, ten, one hundred?

  3. I like the blue ones bestest.

  4. Well who'd thought that brushes were so photogenic! I just love the first one. Makes me want to find a farm store to visit... I could always pick up some hen food!

  5. Surely he needs a very specific brush to keep his boots in tip-top shape.

  6. They do just have to feel it's their decision don't they? :o)

    Looks like you're getting your eye back in there MrsM

  7. MrM is obliged to point out that as a result of his professional boot purchasing techniques he was asked if he want to put them on account or pay for them now. It might also be down to the way in which we went straight to the Wellington boot section or due to the MrsM's humble purchase of three tea towels and a floor cloth. Either way I probably broke the image by declining a receipt for tax purposes.

    I think that the brushes are more photogenic than the boots though.

  8. Who knew farm supply shops held within such photogenic goodness? I am also in need of new wellies...

  9. We are arranging a series of weekend courses on Wellington boot purchasing and brush photography in association with the above mentioned local farmers store. Accommodation in our luxury cottage, either B & B or half board.
    Book now to avoid disappointment.

  10. So colorful. But where are the Wellies?

  11. Tweed caps!
    Tweed caps!

    Next time.

  12. And
    "Book now to avoid disappointment."

  13. Putting those brushes and Wellington boots in the same post, Alice! (Alll-lisss with a whine on my part) Makes me ache to head to the stable immediately, hoping the mud is not deeper than my boots are high. I especially love the image I have in my head of MR and MrsM on their Wellington excursion.

  14. If you didn't at least think "I told you so" you are a far better woman than I.

  15. Those are fabulous photographs. Perhaps Mr M was procrastinating only by way of acting as a sort of muse, thus enabling Mrs M to explore the creative possibilities of boot buying.

  16. I may be a bit slow on the uptake but I do suspect that MrsM was setting me up all along - a bit like when she insisted I have fish and chips the other day (rather than my normal steak & kidney Pukka pie and chips). Sometimes one feels like Miss Muffet is the one in charge of the web ...

    I shall just have to wait and see what emerges from her laptop in the future. A gleam in her eye through the viewfinder of the trusty camera does sometimes give her away though.

  17. Brushes!

  18. I like that MrM shops for shoes in the exact same way that I do...

  19. I think WE should be allowed to judge whether the brushes are more photogenic than the boots....:O)
    Great photos........ Part of my visit to our local Chinese supermarket always finds me lurking near the brushes... they have some fantastic ones for cleaning industrial sized pans for large Restaurants.... brushy heaven

  20. Those lovely pictures almost leave me longing to start cleaning.....tomorrow!

  21. I feel a trip to the farm shop coming on just to check on our local brush situation. Mind you, I could do with some new wellies as well..

  22. Your photos are lovely...so apt to the comment at the top of your Blog, we just have to keep our eyes open don't we :-)


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