Sunday, 21 March 2010

Agenda for Change

The Blue Door
Harold Harvey, 1931

MrsM decides that it is time
she sat down with her blog pals
and had a chat.

MrsM welcomes Bernice, Liz, Jane,
and all the other quiet readers
who have joined in recently.
It is so good to meet you.
(Breadbox...the comma is for you)

Apologies for Absence
MrsM apologises for her recent absence.
The apparent presence created by regular posting
should not be confused with actual presence.
MrsM has been AWOL recently
but just as the blogging wagon rolled out of her reach
she gripped the tail gate and managed to hold on.

Human Resources
MrsM announces that the number of days
lost to sickness was more this month
than in the previous two years.
You don't want to be getting norovirus, folks.

MrsM has not been eating much recently
but there are cake cases to share
so there will be a short intermission
in the schedule of worthy but dull posts
about punctuation and chimney brushes.

MrsM accepts that
her reading of other blogs has been limited
but rejects the accusation that it has been woeful.
She has implemented a plan of action
to ensure that she clears her inbox.

On a serious note,
I was distressed to realise that my friends
Sarah and Susan
have had bad news while I have been absent.
Please keep them in your hearts.

Future Plans
MrsM notes the interesting comment by Magsmcc
"there has been a shift in your blog,
and you are fermenting"

MrsM has tried to imagine herself fermenting
but is not sure if it is a positive image.
However, MrsM accepts that there may be a shift...
now that MasterM is half a world away
she has to find other things to obsess over.

Any Other Business
MrsM cannot promise that
every lovely, much appreciated comment
will be replied to
but it certainly makes it easier for her
if your profile has an email address.

that is the formal business out of the way,
tea anyone?


  1. Oh yes, please. And with cake in the new cake cases? Hope you're feeling much better. K x

  2. I believe cake was mentioned???

  3. How I would love to join you - and the little cat - for tea on that balcony!

    I hope you are feeling 100% recovered, or very close to it...say 99% and on the upswing.

    Personally, I find your posts to be a treat, at any rate you choose to make them. One can't schedule Quality :)

  4. Do hope you've recovered now. Would love to sit down for a chat, especially with cake!

  5. No milk, no lemon and double the cake, please.
    Will keep your friends in mind. Actually I should, whenever I tend to get angry and lose it. So as to remember how blessed I am.

  6. Count me in. I love a chance to eat cake and chat. Shall I pull up a pew?

    (Glad to hear you are better. Norovirus is yuk.)

  7. Fermenting, eh? Wow, that's a new one.

    Add me to the list of eager cake eaters.

  8. I really would like some cake too.

  9. Noted! Profile will be amended for future wrist-slapping! No negativity intended. Good Lord, the very idea! I'll forego the cake in penance!

  10. I can't do with all this planning. One whiff of an agenda item and I am yawning and staring out of the window.

    If I am lucky enough to have a window to stare out of, that is.

  11. I will comment on this because it is at the bottom of the page where I have just discovered a wonderful blog. Your personality is captivating and I have a huge smile on my face from just the last few minutes. I will be back when cakes are not in the oven and children are not squabbling and I can sit and just enjoy the entirety of your words and pictures xxx


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