Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The Dress

Here is my beautiful MissM in The Dress.

The photo was taken for this blog
by her friend, the talented MissI,
who is surely destined for a career
as a professional photographer.

MissM is very clear about her personal style.
She has invested a lot of time
thinking about clothes, trying them on in shops,
looking at what works for other people,
experimenting with new shapes and colours.

I have been part of this but so have her friends
who share clothes and make helpful suggestions.

It has always been fun to go shopping with MissM
and I think that it has been time well spent.
I wish I had that shining confidence at her age.


  1. Beautiful MissM, MrsM!! The dress is stunning, but it does not compare to HER. Thank you for sharing, I know it is not always easy to share our girls. The shining confidence? Hope you are taking a deep bow or a shallow curtsy. And yes, I am not waiting until the morning to see what Alice is up to, (again) bad day, needed a fix.

  2. Stunning, Miss M! And so kind of her to pose for a photo just for us!

    At that age, I had neither shining confidence nor legs suitable for display in short dresses. And right now, I am wishing I had some of those blue flowers and that green grass...

  3. lovely shot and beautiful subjects!

  4. Miss M is lovely, as is the dress.

    But what I want to know is did the gardeners shoo them off the rose garden?

  5. Oh,my goodness! What beauty doubled. Such a lovely young woman who seems, I am sure that she does, to exude not only outward beauty, but the most important of all, inward beauty and loveliness and kindness.....and JOY at being, just dammit alive, because what is better than that?
    She truly must have a wonderful Mum and Daddy...tho not to diminish her own accomplishments.

  6. Echoing everything said above:

    She looks absolutely *lovely*.
    Of course, now you are obliged to keep her locked in a tower until she reaches her 61 birthday, lest someone approach her with a spindle.


  7. I love it when a picture shows not only the exterior of a person, but something shining out from the inside too.

    Very special indeed.

  8. She is absolutely stunning -

  9. Perfectly lovely dress and daughter. And so pleased to be able to put a face to the name now.

  10. I too echo the 'gorgeous' epithets and sentiments re: Miss, but am busy being incredibly impressed that she got such sheer denier tights past all those rose thorns at ankle to calf height!

  11. Thank you Miss M for allowing your mother to post this photo. You look stunning!!!!

    Perhaps you can think of all of us as your distant Aunts, always there in the background bursting with pride and admiration?

    P.S. While staying well within the boundaries of our commentboxes.Of course. Nothing worse than embarrassing Aunts pinching your cheek now, is there?

  12. Bellissima!!!
    Very brave to put herself out there for all of us to see.
    I agree her inner beauty is distinct in this shot as well as her obvious outer one. Congrats to you for such a lovely girl.
    My WF is tuffo which in Italian means dive, which I believe is so fitting for this post, it's as if MissM dove into our world, head first, in all her glory.

  13. Shining is exactly the right adjective - a stunning young woman in a stunning setting

    ps - I do hope she was careful extracting herself from that rosebed, thorns and tights certainly don't mix :o)

  14. She truly does shine, and that is some dress! Maybe your mother looked at you at the same age and thought you shone with confidence too? I bet she did! :O)

  15. Like mother, like daughter ...

  16. Miss M is absolutely beautiful, with that smile she looks like the sort of girl who lights up every room she enters and the dress compliments her perfectly.

  17. She looks beyond lovely. Her shining confidence comes from you making certain that she knows how remarkable she is.

  18. What a beautiful photo and it makes me feel all nostalgic. I had my photo taken in front of those buildings looking gawky and so very young in my pinafore dress and hairgrips (I even wore long socks in winter) - hopeless and hapless I was! Miss M will definitely be a mistress of her own universe - how times have changed for the better, and I feel that our alma mater is a little bit more empowering, and normal, shall we say, than in those days far gone!

    Pomona x

  19. Miss M is absolutely stunning! (my grandson has just become a fan of this blog - I wonder why!)
    Bobby x

  20. The dress!
    The woman!
    The style!

  21. Stunning beautiful! The dress is quite lovely too.

  22. My comment was to be one word....but its been used several times and it was the best one.

  23. dress poorly and they'll notice the dress, dress beautifully and they'll notice the woman.

    (coco chanel)

    Beautiful daughter you have Alice

  24. Well goodness. She looks rather too nice in that.

    I hope you will be advising her to wear it with a pair of good thick trousers.

  25. MissM looks lovely but when you find 'the dress', confidence will abound.

    The photo is beautifully composed, very clever to put her with blue flowers at her feet.

    Well done to them both.

  26. Goodness me, what a stunning and confident girl - you've done a wonderful job, Mr and Mrs M!

  27. Oh, she looks great! Shining and confident. And beautiful.

  28. What a beautiful young woman she is Alice.

  29. What a beautiful young woman!
    couldn't resist commenting here in your archive.


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