Monday, 22 March 2010

Tea from China

The visitor from China was an important man
(his factory processes thousands of chickens a day)
and so his gift was received with appropriate courtesy.

The Head of Department,
who only drinks coffee,
passed the tin to MrsM,
who only drinks teabag tea.
(It is her shameful secret.)

MrsM carefully opened the silvery sachet
and warmed the pot
and chose a suitable Chinese tea cup
from her large collection.

After taking a tiny, tiny sip
she took it to MrM
(who was relaxing watching Rugby)
and explained how rare and valuable it was
and sat with him while he drank it.

All the time MrsM was wondering
if it was rare green tea,
Chinese seaweed
or chrysanthemum leaves.

because she felt
a tiny, tiny bit guilty
she made MrM a lovely mug of teabag tea.


  1. What was Mr M's response to the offering of (potentially) seaweed tea? Was it any good or was he extremely diplomatic?

  2. Which is why WE say: not for all the tea in China.

  3. Love this..hysterical and so honest at the same time.
    And as blackbird said, as my mummy said: Not for all the tea in China when she told me she loved me and wouldn't give me up.
    Cheers. wishes.

  4. You proffered this during the rugby you say? Oh you very clever, clever Mrs Magpie.

  5. It does look a lot like the curly kale that I hid in a Thai green curry at the weekend.

  6. not the usual liquid accompaniment to rugby ;o) but maybe it was a fiendishly clever plan to get him to taste it while his mind was otherwise occupied

  7. he he he ... but cute tin.

  8. of course if MrsM had brought me a third cup of tea I would have been able to say that she really did char-char-char ;-)

    the first cup tasted rather different to the normal brew I have to confess. Not sure if it will catch on

  9. ha ha.

    We have had a mistery 'food/drink' packet from a supplier in Korea once...

    I must say the box was very pretty!

  10. Daughter no. 2 brought some tea back from a visit to China. It was very pretty. It looked like pot pourri. It tasted like water you've accidentally put in an old squash bottle instead of your water bottle. Left overnight the pot pourri visual effect intensified, to damp pot pourri. It ended its pretty days on the compost!! Liz


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