Friday, 12 March 2010

the little magpie

Don't you just love this little magpie?

Lynn sent it to me and everything about it
was so carefully chosen to make me smile.
The paper, the ribbon and the gift card.

I fell in love with this little bird
and took him to work
so that his little beady eye
could see the world that I live in there.
But I could not find a place for him to sit;
he looked diminished among the paper clips,
ring binders and wire trays.
So I took him home again
and he sits on the kitchen windowsill
happily watching the bustle of family life.


Recently, my blog became common knowledge in the Department. This was partly because I became uncomfortable that I was writing about colleagues without their knowledge but also because I knew there was a chance that it might be discovered accidentally and I decided that I would prefer to control the release of the information. I created a separate blog which is an album of all the work related posts and I spoke to each of the colleagues who might be able to recognise themselves. They were amused and, fortunately, very generous about my writing.

I am glad that I am confident enough to discuss my writing at work but I hope that the novelty has passed now. The little magpie can sit on the windowsill at home and wait for me to return in the evening.

And that is how it should be.


  1. Alice, some of my most cherished small items are on my kitchen windowsill. A perfect spot, indeed! A lovely gift, too.

  2. Adorable indeed.

  3. Phew! One huge move: "coming out!".

    What a delightful gift and probably the best place for him on the kitchen windowsill, I should think he is in his element collecting all sorts of wonderful bits and pieces that life throws up. :O)

  4. Ah, thank you and you're welcome! You make him look so pretty! xoxo

  5. Oh he's lovely! And there's actually a magpie sitting right outside my window as I type this...

    And I can't imagine your colleagues would be anything but impressed and entertained by your blog.

    K x

  6. The perfect little magpie! I wonder whether there will be magpie embroideries to tempt you tomorrow?

  7. What a lot of work! (the setting up of the other blog)
    I have some little blogging gifts on my sill too.

  8. I'm sure they were as delighted as I was to find your blog.

  9. Congratulations on the courage! And I am delighted that they took it well:-)

  10. What a lovely little magpie, I'm sure he makes arriving home all the nicer :)

    I'm never quite sure whether or not to tell people about my blog. I have fessed up to one or two, but I never tell them what the address is - part of it is wanting my blog to be separate from life rather than a part of it
    (not that there has been an awful lot going on there recently, but that's beside the point!)

    Congratulations on having the courage to admit it

  11. That Lynn. She is very much a friend worth having.


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