Monday, 15 March 2010

Flowers from MrM

On Saturday morning
MrM said to his favourite florist

"I want to buy some flowers for my wife...
she needs cheering up*"

MrsM has received flowers for all sorts of reasons
but she can now reliably inform you that
'Pity Flowers'
(as MissM refers to them)
are the most appreciated of all.


*We are talking Norovirus, folks.

Which resulted in the necessary cancellation
of a much anticipated meeting with blog friends.



  1. What gorgeous roses! Those deep, dark, velvety ones are my favorites.

    So sorry you are feeling poorly, Alice. I do hope it won't be more than the "24-hour bug." Sounds like that would be about 23 hours too many, anyway!

    Here's to a quick recovery.

  2. oohhhh lucky you! I think MrM has redeemed himself for the shopping trip ;-)

  3. Yucko! The tummy bug, that is, not the flowers. Which are lovely.

    Get better soon...

  4. Hoping soon, you're in the pink.

  5. Get better soon Alice!


  6. I like your husband. In a not creepy way of course.
    Pity flowers? I like MissM a lot too.
    Sorry about the bug but let me tell you: it's all over the world. Nasty.
    Feel better soon!

  7. Oh dear! Poor you. Hope you feel better soon. I am sure the flowers will help.

  8. Oh no! I'm so sorry you missed it, too. I hope you're feeling much better very soon. K x

  9. feel better soon - I hope the roses made up for it in some small way, they are really beautiful x

  10. Hope you are feeling better, Alice - you were most definately missed on Saturday! xx

  11. Poor you! Hope you are feeling lots better.

  12. get well quickly!!
    thats such a nasty thing...

    but it was very very nice of MrM to buy you flowers. I'd love to get some too^^

  13. Cripes - get well soon. Pity flowers are a welcome gift indeed. C x

  14. Lovely flowers, but Norvirus is horrid so I'm sure you did need cheering up. Hope you're feeing better now.

  15. Poor you!

    What a good guy...

  16. Goodness! What a sweet way for your DH to try and cheer you up. They are lovely.

  17. Thinking of phoning hubby up right now to complain of impending sniffle. Or I could just buy my own flowers I suppose....

    Hope you're feeling better.

  18. I hope you were suitably cheered. I am, just looking at them from far, far away.

    He's a good man - you should keep him.

  19. Well that's flowers for 2010 taken case of then ...

  20. the flowers are really beautiful, and what a great guy!! I do hope you are feeling better!

  21. And believe me, you were very much missed. When I arrived to hear the news I do believe my face fell by about 10 years.

  22. Oh dear --- sorry to hear about the norovirus:
    LOML and both children came down with it last month, and I was horrified by how bad it was. Temporary, but horrid.
    But I have to take issue with "pity" flowers. They are, rather, the symbol of the great love he holds for you, and how much he wants you to feel better, back to normal. Not to do with pity at all. Nor laundry or cooking.



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