Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Shopping with MissM

MissM has to buy a dress.
Not any old dress but The Dress.
It is for a Special Party
and she knows that The Dress is out there.

It is a search and destroy mission.

We work methodically through the expensive brands:
'old lady clothes'
'too structured'
'too much frillage'

We look at the edgy brands
and try and work out
which side is up
and which side is out.
'weird Japanese nightdresses'
'scary Irish pixie look'
'beam me up, Scotty'

The Dress is not there.

We come out of the expensive Department Store
and turn left into the high street.
There are only 20 shops to check out
but we are working to a tight schedule.
We must track down The Dress
before MrM finishes reading the papers in the coffee shop.

The Dress is on the last rail
of the top floor of the first shop
and as soon as she puts it on she smiles.
And so does MrsM
because MissM is irresistible
in The Dress for the Special Party.

(The whole process has taken an hour and a half.)


  1. Dear Miss M,

    I beg for a photo of The Dress.

    On my knees,


  2. Why does dragging myself from shop to shop in search of a pair of jeans in which to squeeze my middle aged backside seem so much less poetic?

    MissM is a good shopper. And young. And slim. And goes to parties that warrant capital letters.

    Clearly, I have much still to learn.

  3. Dear Mrs. M,

    what kind of coffee was Mr.M drinking that could take an hour and half?


    Blogger who has never drunk coffee in her life and cannot comprehend the scope of methods for serving coffees.

  4. Will we see The Dress? (although I confess to be intrigued by the "Beam me up, Scotty" version)

  5. That MissM takes after her Mother, a woman with a vision. It does so simplify things to know what we want from an early age. Being successful in getting it is an art form! Happy days, these daughter days.

  6. Such efficiency shows professional shopping skills. Well done to all. Any photos to ogle at?

  7. yes give us a pic of this long-searched-for-dress^^
    I bet its really gorgeous :)

  8. One and a half hours to find The Dress is impressive. Well done MissM, well done indeed.
    Add my name to the list of photo request, please.

  9. me too. I would definitely like to see the chosen dress.

  10. of course we want photos any dress worth a capital letter must be shown.


  11. Oh I am pleased that she found The Dress and in such a short time, clearly she is a much more decisive shopper than I. I am also very intrigued by the idea of the Irish Pixie dress?

  12. Has she got The Shoes to go with The Dress yet? (I wondered if it all might be too much in one day for Mr M, two coffees might be too much to cope with, you could have difficulty getting him home high on caffeine).

  13. Exciting!

  14. We did te same thing last saturday form miss H's ring dance dress. We did finally find the dress :)

  15. Simply must have a picture of the dress. And am most definitely adding frillage to my shopping vocabulary.

    K x

  16. Some pictures of the rejects would be fun, especially the Japanese nighties. Somehow in my mind frillage sounds tempting ...

    Pomona x

  17. This is very fine work.
    And I (and my mother, my long-time shopping companion) are veryvery impressed.


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