Thursday, 11 March 2010

My Roving Reporter

The Professor who lectures about hand axes
came in to my office with a gleam in his eye.

"Alice, I have two blog-worthy moments to report..."

"I walked into Piccadilly on my way to an important meeting
and it was absolutely thronging with police!
and police vans!
and flashing lights!
There had been a smash-and-grab raid
in broad daylight
at the Queen's jewellers, Mappin and Webb,
and I was there!
And right in the middle of all the incident tape
I could see the very sledgehammer
that was used to smash the window!

I am very impressed.

"And the other blog-worthy moment?"

Regretfully, I can only allude to the details
because they would give away
Too Much Personal Information.
Let us just say that
a particularly lovely celebrity
had the opportunity to chat to the Professor
on the train into London.

I bet that she smiled all day.


  1. Isn't it funny how things evolve? One day the blogs are private and the next people are offering details for us to post!

  2. Do you have the whole department providing you with blog fodder?! Good work MrsM - that's delegation for you!

  3. And... you were most compliant to post the exciting details of his day.

  4. Oh Alice, this is most curious, it will be very interesting to see how this developes, I wonder if it might encourage a little healthy competition between the academics. Will you be faced with them queuing at your desk, stories becoming wilder and more impossible by the day in an attempt not to be outdone by one and other. I see your role evolving to that of a sort of Blogamatrix, standing tall, mouse in hand....

  5. As the professor in charge of handaxes do you s'pose he was eyeing up the sledgehammer in a professional manner?

  6. Yes I wondererd if he was showing rather a lot of excitement on the subject of the sledgehammer.
    Love you blog and read it daily. Just peeking out of Lurkdom.

  7. you're getting them well trained Alice :o)

  8. Wouldn't have confessed my blogging in the department I used to work in - they were all literary critics and I would have got endless comment - similarly don't let husband near or he'd be constantly correcting my grammar and punctuation.
    Actually, thinking about it, I'm glad none of my professors were in charge of handaxes - literary critics are bad enough with words, they'd be lethal with access to weapons!


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