Saturday, 20 March 2010

a different perspective

MrsM thanks her friends
who expressed concern about her safety
on the edge of the cliff
and would like to reassure them
that there was plenty of gorse
between her and imminent disaster.


  1. There is nothing so wonderful, refreshing, rejuventing, renewing, about standing by the sea and drinking it in. (Not, of course, literally)

  2. lovely photos - those colours would make a great quilt!

  3. Erosion seemed like a long-term issue, not one that would trouble you on the edge. But nonetheless, I am glad to hear that it didn't! Enjoy the edge while it's still where it is...

  4. What nice colours right on the edge!

  5. Eek! Gorse... such a nasty plant, which went viral when introduced to New Zealand by foolish immigrants. It is now a pest, to be eradicated.
    I did rather like the perfume though..


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