Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Stan the Man

Meet Stan the Man from the U.S. of A.
who has come to stay.
We suggested a little trip to Central London
and asked him what he wanted to see

Nothing too boring, dudes, 'kay?

The weather, it is not Cool.
It is wet, wet, wet.

This is SO not fair.

Houses of Parliament,
Big Ben,
yeah, yeah,

Trafalgar Square!
What's with all these buses?

Check out this chick!

Getting the Kultur-Kick in theatre land.

Piccadilly Circus?
What's the fuss?
Times Square is way bigger.

Laying down the bones** for souvenirs.

Thanks to my main man, MrM, for holding my hand
and Hi to my Homies,
Big Lad and Little Lad.

**noun: money
(MissM says this may be a useage specific to MasterM)


  1. not master m-specific. my husband and his friends use it too -- and we are on the west coast of canada...


    And you did it on Big Lad's BIRTHDAY.

    I am beside myself, and so is he. Rock on, Stan...

    P.S. I myself would fancy seeing the Flat One enjoying a crumpet. Better yet, a big chunk of caramel shortbread. Just a suggestion...

  3. P.S. I am half frantic that you will now have a relapse after dragging yourself around in the cold and damp.

    P.P.S. Thank you, Mr M, for the expert hand-holding. I hope Stan's palms weren't too awfully clammy.

  4. i've heard that term too, but only in books. =)

    very cool.

  5. As soon as I saw that t-shirt Flat Stanley was wearing...I had a very good idea who'd sent him.

    Once again, you are a most excellent tour guide.

  6. Hey thanks! I was never in Londontown so thanks to Stan the Man and his skillful shots I can tell I was there!
    PS Bones uh? Didn't know that...

  7. I love the look the chap on the roundabout is throwing at you and Stan. I fear you may have terminally confused him.


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