Tuesday, 23 March 2010

a brown paper parcel

"the badges are made from original Girl comics from the 1950s"

"I was so impressed by [MissM]
having recourse to not one but two cobblers..."

"MasterM can be all too readily pictured
piloting himself to remote mountain regions..."

"I hope you don't feel shortchanged
by having to share a badge with MrM
but he does seem to be
a vital component of your blog..."

I was immensely touched by this gift
which was so beautifully packaged
and captured in three small badges
the creativity and generosity of bloggers
and the essence of my family.

Thank you, Lucille.


  1. Lucky you!

    We ( my sister and I )used to get Girl Comics ( months out of date by the time they got to New Zealand by sea )and we read every word - probably several times. I never saw any badges. I still have some articles and recipes I cut and saved from them. Best of all I still have a Girl Annual. ( book )

  2. How wonderfully creative. It takes me back to childhood days, to see those images, though I never had comics.

  3. Isn't blogland beautiful.

  4. Perfect! And beautiful.

  5. Oh they're so wonderful. And each one so perfectly suited... K x

  6. It does look a lot like you and Mr M as you cut a fine figure along the street.

    What a beautiful gift.

  7. Oh, how beautiful! (And useful!)

  8. Brown paper packages tied up with string... absolutely perfect I think.

  9. Oh how perfect! Clever Lucille.

  10. Hi - love the badges and saw them on Lucille's blog. Can I ask something? I am having trouble leaving comments - I have created two separate google accounts and although I have had emails telling me they are verified and have used them once, I cannot leave a comment using either of them now. It is very frustrating as not all blogs have an "anonymous" option and I don't really want to be anonymous anyway. Sorry to use your comments space to ask about this but have you heard of this before?

  11. Dear Liz,
    I can see that you have successfully used a Google account to leave a comment and am not sure why you cannot use the same account again. Remember that each blogger creates settings for comments that they feel comfortable with and as a visitor to their blog we must respect that. Lucille uses comment moderation and so there will be a time lapse between you writing your comment and it being published - be patient. I also use comment moderation occasionally if I am having a problem with Spam comments. I hope this helps

  12. Thanks for replying Alice. I don't know what the problem is - I have used the accounts once but when I click publish, it says incorrect password and the message remains in the box. The password is right because I have been back to the google account using it!! I know what you mean about the moderation delay - it isn't that because you get a message explaining that. This is something different! It just doesn't go. Probably I am making a basic mistake but can't think what. I will have to wait till the holidays to try and sort it out as I am getting cross eyed trying! Thanks again.

  13. Is it possible to let us know the name of Lucille's blog so we can see more of her lovely work! These are fabulous. Enjoy them.


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