Friday, 26 March 2010

Life at full tilt

The Skype screen flashes on.
MasterM has Assorted Friends with him.

Say Hi to my Mum!
Assorted Friends peer into screen
Hi MrsM! Nice to meet you!
They leave the room.

Did you have a good half term?
Yes - it was great.
We played golf in Johannesburg.
Look! Here are my new golf clubs!

We admire the new golf clubs.

And then I went to stay with a friend on a farm
and we went tracking in the bush.
I just got told that there was a leopard
in the exact same spot this weekend.

MrsM tries not to think about this.

There is a knock at the door...
MasterM to person offscreen
I am just "praating mit di rellies".

How is the training for the Two Oceans going?
My friend broke his toe.
I am pretty annoyed about that
but it is fine because I will run with another friend.

Are you managing to get your laundry done?
Oh! Don't worry about that!
I have discovered that I can pay someone to do it.

MasterM demonstrates laundry basket
Someone is going to be busy in the near future.

There are noises in the corridor
Anyways - I had better go,
it is getting a bit festive outside.
I am going out for a while
and then I have to revise for my test tomorrow

MrsM blows her son a kiss
and sits on her sofa wondering
if there are more hours in the day
in South Africa


  1. Same number of hours, just incredible energy and a full life for your boy.

  2. No, no. Just more hours in youth.

  3. Sounds like it to me but I think that probably applies to university anywhere - thank goodness for Skype - think I need a lesson or two before September

  4. One thing I constantly do over here at my favourite blogs?
    I constantly admire your kids. They are what I would only wish for my son but especially now that we are in the midst of an awful AWFUL period, I can't see that EVER happening. So thank you for sharing.

  5. Oh my, oh my. I feel rather exhausting just reading it, what a relief he is able to outsource the laundry.

  6. and you didn't get the chance to ask "are you eating properly?"........... :O))))))))

  7. Leave it to MasterM to find someone to do the laundry.
    I think he'd get on well with my boys.

  8. "It's getting a bit festive outside." Ha!

  9. sounds like it is all going accordingly.

    the miracle of technology.

  10. No more hours... he's young! Pleased he seems to be having a good time.

  11. There are enough hours. And he's saved all that time, see, not doing the laundry.

  12. Skype is so wonderful! And at least he has considered the laundry rather than just diving back into the basket and recycling ...

    Pomona x


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