Friday, 19 March 2010

Crackington Haven

The problem with working in the Department
is that MrsM has become aware of...
the possibilities.

She does not worry about
or tsunamis...

standing on the edge of the cliff,
she finds herself thinking about
coastal erosion.


  1. Yes I think about that too as our favourite walk is visibly eroded each time we go and cottages are tumbling into the sea.

  2. MrsM - heed your own warning - don't stand too close - I'd say you would be at far greater risk from coastal erosion in this country than the other phenomena you mentioned

    ps I can hear the gentle sound of Messrs Sting and co coming into my head - that will no doubt hover all day

  3. Probably not a bad thing to think about. I suppose.

  4. I love your blog and read it regularly. I have also stumbled upon Useful or Beautiful via a link on your blog. I wanted to leave a comment there but cannot do so as I do not have the required URL or Google wotsits. Pls could you pass on this message if she you are in contact with her? I loved your Magpie blog too. Keep up the good work. Liz

  5. When I worked as a journalist about ten years ago I did a few features on a seaside town which was affected by some flood defence works which meant that the once sandy beach was being covered in tufty grass.

    The Parish Council were Very Concerned, and went out like King Canute with hand forks to try and dig it up. They also hired a industrial rotivator which sank. No-one laughed.

    On the other side of the bay they were facing the opposite problem - but the parish council who were watching their designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty grassy saltmarsh coastline tumble into the sea just didn't give a monkeys.

  6. To counteract the worry I think you should go on thinking about writing. I feel there has been a shift in your blog, and you are fermenting! I especially wanted to read more at the time of the cosmetics posts- there was at the very least a short story there worthy of the Matisse Stories from one of my other heroines! The dizzy heights of that cliff call out for your words!

  7. While we could have it all here. Earthquake, check
    Vesuvio, check
    Tsunami, check
    Erosion, check
    Mountains crumbling, oh yes check (as my husband experienced last Sunday on one of his mountain walks and rocks fell right past him, YEAH ... this is where I live).
    I suppose this is not very enticing as a "come visit Positano" commercial us?


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