Sunday, 17 July 2011

wet, wet, wet

I would like to say a heart-felt thank you
to everyone who commented on the post yesterday
I was so touched by your thoughtful responses
and glad that I had written about the problem.
I will now put it out of my mind and move on.

Thank you for ALL of your comments
since I started writing again
It is difficult to explain what it is like
to receive such a tidal wave of friendship
but I am very, very grateful.

Right, down to business...
where are we?

MissM was last seen outside a vintage clothes shop in Prague.
She has bought another interrail ticket
and is somewhere in Europe with the Sassy MissS.

MasterM spoke to us from Zambia on Friday.
He said that he was walking along a beach in Zanzibar
when he heard his name being called out
and turned around to see friends from Cape Town.
"It was so cool - the world is a small place, isn't it!
They were so glad to see me
that they immediately organised a party."

MrM and MrsM are in Cornwall.

It is wet.

VERY wet.

MrM has decided to devote his week off
to the twitter-craze for "Animal Chat-up Lines"

Here is the one he dreamed up for Mr. Mink:
"Well, hello there, Miss Mink!
I do like a girl who is all fur coat
and no knickers."

The ones for monkeys, camels and dolphins
are not suitable for a family blog.
I will be spending the week in Cornwall
with my finger hovering above the delete button.

We are back on Planet Normal.


  1. We really must figure out a way to get Mother Nature to "spread the wealth" around a bit better: mix a goodly portion of our hot sun with all your clouds and rain=gorgeous weather for all!!
    Crossing my fingers that you get a break in the weather!...though i do have to say, the idea of MrM's naughty tweets has piqued my curiosity :^)

  2. love the pictures - I recently took some flower pictures while it was wet out too and it was surprisingly satisfying... I think trying to capture the colour and shades in different types of weather, and the mood one senses there in, is a delightful challenge. Do hope this week is good for you and that all blog comments are encouraging etc...

  3. snigger - MrM love the mink joke :)

  4. I don't know for sure but I think Lancashire may have more rain. We had to carry the dog from the car to the bath last night ick.

    OH MR M!

  5. Naughty MrM. Bet you wouldn't have him any other way though!

  6. my word for the day is 'taghairm' - worth googling I think

  7. Please thank Mr M. His joke made me laugh just when I was feeling totally fed up! Glad all of you are having a good sumer.

  8. I'm sure rain doesn't dampen the fun with Mr M around! Have a lovely week.

  9. AnonymousJuly 18, 2011

    I Googled 'taghairm' and got a very interesting result.

    I am so glad that you will continue with the blog, I should miss you if you stop.

    Glad to hear that the younger Ms have been in touch and was giggling like a school girl at Mr M's joke.

    Have a good time together.

    My Word Verification is 'dialit'...

  10. Those pics are SO refreshing here where rain has been missing for the past couple of months.
    MrM ... !

  11. Have a wonderful week... even if it is wet.

  12. Love the mink line. But then I would... C.x

  13. Oh I wish I had some rain right now:)

  14. Glad to know it's raining somewhere else, at least...


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