Monday, 16 December 2013

Enhancing the Christmas Experience

MrsM feels quietly pleased with the decorations.
The theme is simple, homely and yet stylish,
designed to enhance the Christmas experience.

MissM arrives homes and immediately notices
the amount of red and white everything.
MrsM thinks she can tell MissM is impressed.

MrsM casually mentions that
she is planning to make pomanders
in a variety of designs.

Just because she wants to.

MissM decides to test MrsM

says MissM
"Look at these crazy wrapping ideas..."

MrsM is enchanted...

"Monochrome wrapping : what a great idea!
Gingerbread cookies as gift tags : that's so cool!
Map wrapping paper : I really want to do that!
Strips of tree bark : that would be perfect for spring!"

MissM looks worried,
the situation is much worse
than she had realised...

"I think you are spending
way too much time
on Pinterest."

says MrsM
"but can I just show you
this amazing idea for
snowflake marshmallows?"


Apologies for the phone photos
and the weird angles which
the landscape format requires...
my laptop is still sick.


  1. And don't forget the snowman pretzels filled with Candiquik.

  2. What a lovely red and white Christmassy ambience you have right there.

  3. I have to say I saw the gingerbread gift tags and wondered how you wrote the names, and worried about them attracting mice.... as for the birch bark wrapped presents................... what if your present is a huge fluffy dressing gown, that would need a LOT of bark......

  4. they really are all lovely ideas - but to implement them all I would have to start in January - which kind of takes the thrill out of Christmas a little

  5. I'm afraid those snowflake marshmallows are the scourge of the internet.

  6. Uh oh, although -- lights on a bedframe! holly in a polka dot vase! Oh!!!

    And blackbird is right about those marshmallows.

  7. I saw something on Pinterest the other day which involved a woman making tiny pretzel snowmen. Tweezers were involved. A tiny scarf was tied. These people have clearly not bought enough sherry.

  8. I'll pass...


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