Monday, 9 December 2013

wreaths : home + away

These are the wreaths in my life


I congratulated James in Reception
on the Christmas bling
and he looked a bit shocked.
I forget sometimes that I am working
in a more formal environment.
I don't think the British Academy
is ready for a Daniel Craig grotto.


A willow wreath
made by the lovely Val
to beautify my little kitchen
I love it!

Thanks to all the lovely Made & Found crew.
I had a great day out on Saturday.
MrM was thrilled that I had done
so much Christmas shopping
with so little inconvenience.

(There is a holly wreath on the front door too...
the more wreaths, the merrier.)


  1. lovely - wreaths come in so many different forms these days - not sure what evils a plastic one will ward off though

  2. no Daniel Shrine. oh dear. not the perfect job after all............

  3. Lovely wreaths, but I, too, am questioning your working somewhere where you cannot have a Daniel Craig grotto. Hmm.

  4. I do like the general sproinginess, though, and the garlands of orange -- interesting.


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