Thursday, 26 December 2013

Notes to Self

I am the only person who likes red cabbage.

Ditto sprouts.

Get to the raspberry jam first in future.

Weird fruit look pretty but do not expect them to be eaten.

MasterM likes bread sauce. Did I blink?

Idea stolen from Pinterest.

365 days before I have to cook Christmas lunch again.



  1. I only like red cabbage raw, saw a wonderful recipe for sprouts yesterday, hate raspberry jam, adore gooseberries, have never heard of bread sauce.


  2. there is a probably a scientific reason you are the only one to like sprouts, the rest of the family probably have the gene TAS2R38 which makes a protein that interlocks with a chemical called PTC (phenylthiocarbamide) and gives the taste sensation of bitterness. Sprouts and cabbage contain a chemical very similar to PTC hence to some people they taste bitter and some people like you like them!

    I cannot apply science to explain why you served raspberry jam with your dinner though.....

  3. I was brave and ate a sprout yesterday. I dislike red cabbage but have a vague memory of having bread sauce once but can't recall the taste of it.

  4. I like red cabbage… and sprouts.. and bread sauce. And will eat all manner of exotic fruits. Do you see a pattern emerging here?

  5. Driftwood left me with my jaw dropped. A scientist. With a perfectly clear and simple (to her, I'll have to read some other 50 times to understand) explanation.
    Bread sauce, never heard of.
    Raspberry jam is my most favourite.

  6. My husband cooks Christmas dinner while I hang around trying not to make 'helpful'comments. We had red cabbage and sprouts. I like jam with cheese but I have never been persuaded by bread sauce, looks like semolina - bleugh! Ali whale x

  7. ANd how many days til we have to go through all the Christmas preparations once again? Every year I say I will do less, and I do, and I enjoy more!

  8. Raspberry jam with sprouts... an interesting combination! So much fuss and all over so quickly! Hope you had a good Christmas Alice.


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