Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Nerja Redux

Well, that's done then.
Flight booked.
Accommodation booked.
You will be in Nerja in January.

MrsM can't help herself.
She squeaks with excitement
and does a teeny weeny jump of joy.

Four days with Geographers...
what could be nicer?


  1. So exciting! Nerja here we come!

  2. Actually nothing beats a trip AFTER the holidays. Can't wait as I amsure we're in for gorgeousness in all forms.

  3. first I had to look up where Nerja was then I had to look up what redux meant - and now I can say hope you have a lovely trip and enjoy your return visit.

  4. I did the same as Elaine did and send you the same senitiment too! Not an original thought in my head today.


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