Thursday, 9 October 2014

MrsM embraces Autumn

October coincides with the start of the academic year
and in the past it has been a busy time for me
so I am very grateful for your autumnal suggestions.
I ♥ you .

I will shake out my jumpers, berets, mittens and boots
and go in search of leaves, hips, haws and fungi.
I'm thinking Nature Table - is there an age restriction?

Cycling! What a wonderful idea. I'm on it.
I can't wait for Bonfire Night (sparklers!)
and am intrigued by a community juicing day.

I have started knitting my own hot water bottle cover
but MissM says that I can borrow hers while I knit
so I have broken out the boxed set of 'Cranford'.

I wrote out a list of my favourite autumn food
and realised that I have eaten them all already:
apple cake, plum crumble and parsnip soup
so I will focus on cider (alcoholic variety).

Did I mention that there is an open fire in the cottage?
Bring on the crumpets and toasting forks...


  1. You must of course refer to that invaluable tome' What to Look for in Autumn' by Lady Bird.

  2. A chestnut roaster is also desirable if not necessary.

  3. Crumpets, yes, utterly delicious. Alcoholic cider - is there any other kind? Hot water bottle. I shall find mine immediately. Oh autumn is good.

  4. Chestnuts! Crumpets! Open fires! Bring it on!

  5. You have got some lovely tree photos there, all looking very green. What a different landscape it will be when they are leafless.
    Isn't non-alcoholic cider apple juice?

  6. Can I come and sit by the fire now! It sounds idyllic! Oh, and no, you are never too old for a nature table! xx

  7. There now, I knew that you could be persuaded!

  8. I see I picked a very good time to return to reading blogs - enjoying your new life immensely. I could gaze upon your little edge-of-Dartmoor kitchen practically forever.

  9. Oh, I see what's going on -- you're bored! Or anyway, you've got more time than you're used to. I think you should chase after those horse people and see if you can go with them. I particularly like that spotted horse. (Be careful, though. Horses are large and unpredictable animals -- actually, they terrify me. On second thought, stick to taking photographs of them.)


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