Monday, 11 April 2011

Tea in the Garden

I have all sorts of things to show you...
make yourself comfortable
and let me pour you a cup of tea...

Help yourself
to one of the world famous scones
from the Arundell Arms at Lifton...

And some clotted cream...

Shall we start with the camellias?


Thank you for all your lovely comments.
I had no internet access last week
which scuppered my plans
to catch up with my email.
I am on the case.


  1. You just reminded me I need my breakfast :-) The weather looks gorgeous!

  2. I love the whiteness of that first photo. Mmmm...I think I will make some scones today.

  3. Ooh that looks good. I am sitting comfortably so you may begin....

  4. Oh the scones look amazing! I'm ready... K x

  5. Another one loving the whiteness of that first photo......

  6. White is fast becoming my favourite colour, in all it's variations. Those scones, that cream Yum.

    Ready for the tour.

  7. After such a balmy weekend we are now confronting the first week of holidays as a gloomy one. Definitely scones on the agenda today to brighten things up. Thanks for the impetus.

  8. What, no raisins in the scones?

    (Ducking and running away)

    Welcome back - I see you brought the sun with you :-)

  9. That has just prompted me to make some plain scones!

    Looking forward to hearing what you have to tell us.....

  10. That isn't fair. I am starving now, stuck inside on a rainy day with two children still stubbornly wearing pyjamas at noon

  11. MrsM has booked MrM is for some respite care at the same place in July. I am not sure if I want to weigh myself before and after though.

  12. I am waiting for the first strawberries before I allow myself to give in to scone impulses. But then, waistband beware...

  13. lovely pictures. nothing nicer than scones and cream

  14. Hre's one thing I've never tried: scones and clotted cream.
    On the list.

  15. Oh my, clotted cream. I have an Aunt and Uncle who live in Drewsteignton, dEVON, we used to visit them and go to nearby Chagford where the creamery has HUGE boxes of fresh clotted cream. H.E.A.V.E.N.


Thank you! I love reading your comments and even though I don't always have time to reply I am really grateful to every one who joins in the conversation.