Friday, 3 June 2011

Family Planning

Do you realise that in two weeks time
we will be on the ferry to France?

There is so much happening
in the next two weeks
that I feel faint thinking about it.

Photos from the Covered Market in Florence.

If you are visiting Florence
the cafe in the middle of the market
looked perfect for a quick lunch.


  1. That's exciting.
    Do you know that after 18 more sleeps I will be on a plane to UK via Singapore. ( for 6 weeks holiday - a first for me ).I too will be visiting France - Paris to be exact but chunnelling not ferrying.
    It is all a bit scary.

  2. You people are giving Papa Speechless and me ATF (Acute Travel Fever)...

  3. Do wave as you go past - look out for the big house on the hill along the A2 and think of me dreaming of Brittany - this year all that I can do is dream ...

    Pomona x

  4. Wish I was - visiting Florence that is. Daughter is currently in Venice - the young get about don't they!

  5. AnonymousJune 03, 2011

    don't forget the Biennale which has just started in Venice. Looked very interesting from the clip on the news the other evening.

  6. Firenze ... France ...
    Nice. As in beautiful ... or maybe you're to Nice too!

  7. We had an e mail from a travel agent confirming our booking to Florence...but we think it was a scam so we deleted it. Ah well. I went a long long time ago..I'll live on the memories of seeing de la Robbia around every corner, and every church a gem.

  8. Oh!

    I may get to Philadelphia this July.


    (Philadelphia is a fine place, but it's certainly not France.)

  9. It's very nice here (Southern Brittany)every day. I don't have to dream any more.

  10. I am definitely jealous of the trip to France.

  11. I will take your cafe in the market advice on board!

  12. I think that MissM must be the veritable cicerone for Firenze now, with special emphasis on gelaterias and leather bag shops ...

  13. please pass on any good Firenze tips, as I have now wrangled two days there mainly to haunt the Uffizi.

    And yes, you had a lot to do with the decision! :-)


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