Wednesday, 30 January 2013

(just for the record)

We took 127 first year students to Spain
and it was a huge logistical challenge.

What I shall remember from this trip
is the extraordinary teaching
I was lucky enough to watch.

My academic colleagues talking without notes,
answering challenging questions,
communicating their passion for the subject

I stood in a mountain layby
while a memorial to the unnamed victims
of the Spanish Civil war was interpreted
and it was impossible not to be moved.

Later, I watched as a group of students
explained their plan for project work
and were helped to design questionnaires
to interview people who do not speak English.

Here is a translator working with a student
to transcribe an interview which will
form part of the data set
for a presentation and report.

Not everybody had to contend with a breakdancer
but all of the teaching I watched was inspiring.

I wished, yet again, that I had studied Geography.


  1. Finding your stride.
    In Spain no less.

  2. But aren't you studying geography?

  3. Dear Alice,
    What a privilege and how wonderfully special to be a part of all this. I just cannot imagine how glorious it must be..and what marvelous a part you play in all of their lives. I believe that all must just love you so much. You are just damned magic.

  4. This is Geography on a whole different scale and level. Like!

  5. I did study geography, at least for a while. last night we went to school GCSE options evening, and it made me want to study it all over again......... strangely I felt no need to look into the language classrooms....

  6. Welcome back! Oh how I've missed you - you're the top of my list in my 'lovely blogs' folder, and it was such a surprise to see this. I for one am very glad the creativity switch has been turned back to 'on'.


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