Thursday, 31 January 2013

that was the night that was

On the last night
it is time to go out and relax,

a drink in an Irish bar,
a game of pool

then off to the clubs,
raucous and full of life

where there is dancing
until late, late, late

followed by a quiet stroll home
through palm-lined streets.

5am and all's well.


  1. ...and everyone is happy ...

  2. You stayed up until 5 am? I am very impressed... I only ever see that time of the morning when I get up for a wee. (Sorry... prpbably too much information)

  3. Liz in Missouri (USA)January 31, 2013

    Good Times! Pretty Lights! What more could anyone want?

  4. Then your stamina is greater than mine! I am impressed.


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