Tuesday, 4 May 2010

infinite possibilities

This morning
I would rather be

eating a pasty on the beach

sipping limoncello on a balcony
(Paola, that would be with you, obviously)

drinking hot coffee in a cafe

selecting chocolates by the lake
(MrM is on the case with this one)

enjoying a burger wrapped in brown paper

watching the sunrise in the Aegean
(MissM, that one is for you...)

but now,
if you will excuse me,
I have pay claims to process.


  1. Um, pardon me, but where is the stylish vintage Ozarks poster?

  2. ...and the "Milwaukee--Feeds and Supplies the World" poster? There is one, and it's pretty neato:


  3. AnonymousMay 04, 2010

    I hope MrM gets on "this" case as well SOON. If I may, from now 'till June is the best time to come visit, just sayin'. Or Late September/early October. I'll give you a choice.

  4. Lovely posters. I'd like to live in lithograph and woodcut land most of the time.

  5. Greece is calling my name loud and clear!

  6. no rest for the wicked Alice :o) I did time sheets last Friday - this week the dreaded Month 12 reconciliation hovers on the near horizon - the wonderful new computer system has sent all the figures through with imaginary people's names against them - according to the sheets I am now Mrs Bland - now that's something I've never been accused of in my life - how can they make something straightforward so complicated yet again - bleep SAP!!!

  7. Here's a cool vintage print of Prague - the coffee is almost as fine as Vienna's these days!


  8. Have to admit that it's pretty nice here this morning, so I get to start some annual accounts with sunshine and a great view - wouldn't mind being/doing any of the things you mention though.

  9. AnonymousMay 04, 2010

    It seems that your mind and body may be in two different places. I love a good daydream. I hope yours leaves your spirits lifted.

  10. Oh, and that paper? Wrapping the burger? Amazing!

  11. At least you can dream....

  12. You seem to have a bad case of the 'Travel Bug' :-)

  13. Great images....somehow pay claims don't quite match up. Sorry, Alice!


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