Monday, 3 May 2010

missed opportunities

Dear Blogland...
Why didn't anyone tell me about Amelie?
I mean, why didn't anyone say to me:

"You MUST watch Amelie!
You will LOVE Amelie!
ESPECIALLY if you are going to Paris.
Whatever you do DON'T save it until you get back
because then you won't be able to:

**skim stones on the canal**
**run up the steps to Montmatre**
**buy artichokes from a street market**
**have your photograph taken at Gare de l'Est**

and your life will be RUINED."

(and before my family spill the beans
I will reluctantly admit
that I was given the DVD TWO years ago
because MissM KNEW that I would love it.
So it is my own STUPID fault.

p.s. I have just spent a rainy afternoon with MissM
who has a red umbrella with white spots.
So perhaps I don't have to be in Paris
to live the Amelie dream.


  1. AnonymousMay 03, 2010

    Sounds to me like a very good opportunity for MrM to organise a weekend to Paris. You would leave from a most lovely railway station...

  2. Yep, even I managed to see that one - and I never see movies. Ever!

    Wish I could pull off a haircut like that...

  3. it is the best movie - when I went to the Canal St Martin all I could think about was Amelie!

  4. I did watch the movie, I loved it and tried to translate the French into English...touch and go.
    I read all of your posts and the comments. Oh, my, I am such an old lady...but one who loves what you write and who truly loved that movie..all by her little self.

  5. Thank you for reminding me about this lovely film... must watch again!

  6. Of course as Paris is only a wee train ride away you can always pop over again to do it anyway - any excuse for another visit is a good idea in my book

    Having said that, from a personal perspective, Paris is one of the European capitals I've not visited so I shall take a tip from those in the know and watch the film some time soon in readiness

  7. An astonishingly accurate animated version of Hairy P features in this film - in one of the pictures on Amelie's wall. It's the very same expression in the eyes.

  8. Beautiful film, isn't it - must dig out my copy and watch again.

  9. I still want to be Annie Hall. Is it too late?

  10. AnonymousMay 03, 2010

    Oh ... Amelie!
    Paola (back to being anon for now sorry)

  11. Alice, I see you recognize you have only yourself to blame. I purposefully assign my MissM the task of keeping me abreast of what she loves in the hopes of being kept young and sort of with it. I mean, these young ones have a knack! The flip side is, we must not be the horse who is led to water. No matter, make up for lost time and treat yourself to the soundtrack too.

  12. AnonymousMay 03, 2010

    I think you will have to go back, now.

  13. Oooh one of my very favorite movies! And now you have a whole itinerary ready for your next visit to Paris! K x

  14. I

    We've just assumed...

  15. But we would all have assumed that you already had watched Amelie, bought the DVD, flounced around Montmartre in a red raincoat and played the soundtrack for months in the car, and sent postcards from errant gnomes on all of your erudite wanderings. How could you be you and not have done this?! I showed it to each and every Year 12 French class I ever had!

  16. I first saw Amelie when I was in France. I can't speak or understand any French at all - the friend I was with told me little bits here and there throughout the movie (quietly, at the cinema!), but mostly I just sat and watched in awe.
    When I got back home (to Australia), it had just launched here, so I got to see it again at the cinema, this time with English subtitles.
    Such a wonderful movie - any time or way you view it.
    I do hope you get to visit Paris again to experience it all a la Amelie.

  17. MrM feels obliged to report that having just returned from a trip to Paris with MrsM that there will be a suitable interval before finances are restored to permit another foray to France

    MrM aka the voice of reason

  18. I cleared out our DVDs today and you have just made me realise that our copy of Amelie is missing. Humph. We have every other thing we've ever purchased stashed away, plus all the receipts as far as I can make out, so how can we have lost an entire film?!

  19. lovelovelovelovelove this film, although it always makes me wnat to go IMMEDIately to the hairdressers and have my hair chopped off into a quirky stylish bob like hers. Just seeing those photos now makes me want to do go chop my hair. Silly me, so much more to the film but I always get transfixed by her hair every time I watch it.


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