Monday, 17 May 2010

The naming of guinea pigs...

Here is Tweedledum having his/her first photocall.
Or perhaps it is Tweedledee...

They are only a day old
and the names are not formally agreed
because their personalities have not fully developed.
I am sure that you will agree
that it would be cruel to call it Tweedledum
if it was more Tweedledeeish.

My mother said thoughtfully...
"I will let the grandchildren decide on the names...
but I haven't decided yet
what names I will let them choose."

They are very lucky baby guinea pigs
because they will live a life of luxury
eating only the best organic dandlelions
and squeaky fresh leaves of purple sprouting broccoli
and frolicking in the green orchard grass.


I have been in Cornwall visiting my parents.
There is so much to write about
but I must go and find something to wear to work.
Back tomorrow.



  2. How cute is that little face!

  3. Don't know about gender, but that guinea pig has a glint of trouble in its eye.

    I am pondering on it, sitting in my towel and having the same 'what to wear' thoughts.

  4. Cornwall! Never been there but it evokes me wild sea and red grass and gorgeous sights. Am I right?
    How CUTE are those guinea pigs.

  5. Finding something to wear for a party too... but enough about me. How lovely of someone to have pets for you. We'd like someone to have a dog for us and they could call it whatever they wanted.

  6. I admire your mother's approach. I hope you had a lovely weekend and have managed to find appropriate attire.

  7. Many years ago when we had a lot of animals, my mother-in-law renamed all our dogs and cats to suit herself - Zippy the jack russell became Liz and McCavity became Ginger, for instance. They sensibly refused to answer to their new names unless bribed. She tried to rename our St Bernard but he just treated the idea with complete disdain.
    Love that little guinea pig.

  8. Oh the wearing of things to work- at least as difficult as the naming of small animals! En route to Ardress House on Saturday I flicked through NT properties in Cornwall. Is this your native land?

  9. AnonymousMay 17, 2010

    are they are breeding pair ?

  10. We have a guinea pig called Squirty though I wouldn't necessarily advocate that as a good choice. He was named by a small boy who goes no further than the first thing to fall out of his mouth.

  11. Do guinea pigs like pine nuts too (or it is just hamsters)? And I'd be very happy to send over some organic dandelions! K x

  12. I would soooo love a little guinea pig I love their little squeeks, I dont think Alfie cat would approve...

  13. Ah, the naming of guinea pigs.
    Our first pair were christened Shaggy and Scooby which was grand, until Scooby died!

  14. I had one which I called Arthurina.
    She had originally been 'Arthur' but had to be re-named for obvious reasons which had not been obvious on first inspection.
    She later confirmed our suspicions by bearing 5 offspring to her companion whom we had named 'Sunshine' after a careful inspection in which we didn't spot the obvious....
    They chirrupped and frolicked delightfully when introduced. Well why wouldn't they?


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