Wednesday, 5 May 2010

MrsM Gets Her Revenge

Do you remember the Scary, Thin Man?
MrsM does.
She has not forgotten her humiliation...

This weekend MrsM had to buy new walking boots
and when she asked for help
the Scary, Thin Man stepped forward.

"The first and most important question is..."
said the Scary, Thin Man
"'Do you have enough socks?'".

MrsM looked straight at the Scary, Thin Man
with his breathable, high-wicking vest
and his anti-chafe, CoolMax leggings.

"Oh, YES!"
said MrsM
and smiled a sultry smile
"I have plenty of socks..."

and the Scary, Thin Man


  1. i have that poster in my classroom. that way, when my students annoy me, I can look at it and wish i was far, far away.

    or that they were.

  2. Socks will save us every time. EVERY time!!
    Hooray for you.

  3. thin little nasty men should be put in their place regularly and with some force I say. Brava Mrs M.

  4. Well, he was the one who said they'd last a lifetime!

  5. AnonymousMay 05, 2010

    I say you went in the same store for the solely purpose of do take revenge.
    Isn't it?!

  6. Makes me wonder what the profit margin on a pair of socks must be. I am such a sucker for the sock line, I have to admit.

    I'm taking a firm sock stance on my next mountain outlet visit; Alice, you are an inspiration!

  7. Perhaps you should have looked up from beneath your lashes and whispered, "Have you forgotten...Snowdon?"

  8. MrsM, where will you be heading with your new boots? And of course your perfect technical socks. Snowdon again? I'm glad you put him in his place!

  9. There's a collection of short stories building up here! Thin, scary man and lipstick counter woman. I'm placing a pre-order on Amazon!

  10. Careful, Mrs M, you'll get yourself banned for suggestive behaviour and then where will you be?


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