Wednesday, 19 May 2010

MrsM meets dgr

Sit up straight, everyone.
NO slouching.
If you are reading this first thing in the morning
please make sure that you have brushed your hair
because today we are meeting the dovegreyreader.
I know! I know! You are reeling in shock…
dgr writes about books
(which I don’t, much)
What could we possibly have in common?

Listen up, you unbelievers…
I know someone who works in a bookshop,
And someone who has featured in a literary festival,
And a librarian, I know a librarian!
Oh yes! I can mingle confidently with the literati
without betraying the depth of my ignorance.
You should have more faith in me.

There are five things that I wish to share
from my audience with dgr…

dgr does not expect you to genuflect...
imagine...all that practising wasted!!
dgr does not expect an in-depth analysis of the Booker long list
as an entry requirement to meaningful conversation...phew!!
dgr reads five books do I!!
(although, in my case, one of them is about maps)
dgr reads my blog before breakfast...
the pressure!! the pressure!!
dgr makes me laugh a lot
so that two hours pass in a flash.

Thank you, Lynne, for a most entertaining morning.

Oh...and just to prove that I am not making this up
Here is my autographed bookmark...

NOW tell me you are not impressed...


  1. Impressed AND envious! I could make you laugh for two hours Alice, and my DAUGHTER, (who you also "know") is a librarian and I am reading 5 books as we speak, so what if three of them are from the self-help section? And I try so hard to save your posts to start my day rather then read them at night, but as you can see, once again, I could not hold back, because...there is something special about Alice.

  2. Wow, she has really pretty handwriting, too.

    (And I typically read your posts around 7 pm, which is when they appear in my inbox. Perhaps I should try to delay gratification?)

  3. Afraid I can only handle one book at a time. I obviously have no future in book blogging!

    K x

  4. Just green with envy. What a lovely way to spend some time.

  5. I feel honoured just reading about your meeting!

  6. so that's where MrsM disappeared to ...

    I think MissM would have enjoyed it too

  7. Obviously neither of you blew your own trumpets too much as the walls of Jericho are still standing.

  8. I am mesmerized by her handwriting.

  9. And so yesterday was the first day I haven't read your blog first thing in the morning Alice because I'm on the early train to London to go and see the quilts at the V&A! But thank you for a wonderful morning, it was so lovely to meet you in Jericho's and to talk blogs and books and life, and I'm so pleased I'm not as scary as you on earth has this happened:-)

  10. Sadly I haven't featured in a literature festival. I only do the marketing for one.

  11. >What could we possibly have in common?

    I lurve you both - that's what. My day isn't complete without reading you two.


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