Monday, 22 November 2010

a living candle

this year I planted three Paperwhite bulbs
and as I watch them grow towards the light
I think of Elspeth Thompson.

I shall do this every year
to celebrate Elspeth's courage
and her inspirational writing


  1. 48. Died.
    That's all I can think after reading that. I get frozen when I read such gut wrenching things.
    The world is WRONG.
    I know, I know, I need to be more positive.
    Well, I can't after reading such a lovely woman was taken so young.
    Why don't evil people get this treatment?

  2. I love how you've planted them, Alice - so so beautiful x

  3. I, too, think of her when planting my bulbs, remembering her with pretty old teacups planted with tiny bulbs, or with a few spring flowers, on her desk. Let us hope that her daughter will know how much those of us who never knew her, loved her. The world has lost a beautiful person in her.

  4. Alice, I bought a sackful of bulbs last week, and I also thought of Elspeth. I wonder how many flowers will bloom in her memory this year, and year after year?

    A lovely legacy.

  5. Gorgeous, and a perfect tribute.

    As usual I forgot to plant mine, they're still in the car. Bother.

  6. I forgot she was 48.

    What a lovely idea.

    Thanks for this Alice.

  7. A truly lovely idea.

    I often think of her. (I found your blog when I left a message of condolence for her family. A sad way to find you but I'm thankful that I did. I love the quiet thoughtfulness of your writing.)

    Best wishes to you,


  8. I was just thinking of her the other day -- I don't know why. So very sad.

  9. That's a wonderful idea. Soon after I read your post I found a market stall selling paperwhites - serendipity.

    You've suggested a new autumn ritual.



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