Tuesday, 2 November 2010

A Splash of Silver

I am not just about obsessive china collecting

Oh no...you have misjudged me...

I have a sideline in obsessive silver collecting
...specifically, jewellery made by the lovely Emma...

This is my latest Silverpebble acquisition:
an antique locket embellished with a crystal clear bead,
rice pearls and a hand-made ivy leaf.

Just the place to keep a breath of sea air.


  1. Oh my giddy aunt.

    I am in want!

  2. The idea of keeping some sea air in there is the best I've heard in a long long time.

    I'm delighted you're enjoying it.

    I spied a blue bicycle shelter last night. Hmm....

  3. if it makes you happy ...

    WV: smoofl

  4. Very nice!! My mum has a collection of antique silverware but yours with the extra beads looks wonderful :-)

  5. Pefectly lovely.

    But don't ever let Emma take you gem shopping - she's a terribly naughty influence ...

  6. Emma's work is lovely. I keep giving my husband hints about it but so far he has failed to notice. This year I am going to be even less subtle...

  7. Should Mr. M be smoofling you in public like that?

  8. An excellent obsession to have!

    K x

  9. Oh Alice, MrM is trying to tell you something ... !

  10. Just choosing this to comment on, from the five posts I've just read, because I liked it, and I love Emma and I love her work and I love that you love it too.


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