Wednesday, 17 November 2010

MrsM phones Tuvalu

MrsM has led a sheltered life.

If she needs to make a phone call
there is someone who will do it for her
If she needs to send a text
there is someone who will do it for her
If she really needs to make a phone call herself
there is someone to dial the number

but now...
imagine the tragic situation...
MrsM is all by herself...
and she desperately wants to phone bb...
because there is important news she wants to share
but she can't seem to get through...
and that would be because...
MrsM does not know the dialling code for Tuvalu...
because she has never, ever dialled it herself.

MrsM hangs her head in shame.
Think of all those burned bras
to achieve freedom and independence.
What a shocking waste.

(and then...when MrsM finally gets through
bb has a mouthful of guacamole
but because MrsM is English
she is far too polite to notice.)

Truly, it was a memorable night.


I have said it before
but now is a good time to say it again...
I would not have started writing
without encouragement from bb
who has commented from the very beginning.


  1. :) Fun. I've been reading you for a long while now I think. I just got rid of some of my blog reading but you are a keeper. :) Blog friendships are unexpectly lovely. Glad you have BB.

  2. My lord!
    Thank heavens I was able to walk away from the tortilla chips in time!

  3. Presumably a Magpie to Blakckbird call would be at cheep rate ?

  4. ps. Mr M I swear you get worse, if that's possible

  5. Love your outfit! Sunday best for making a phone call that's the way to do it.

  6. I don't even know where Tuvalu is, never mind what the dialling code might be. Glad to she you were appropriately dressed for making a telephone call.

  7. Not only can I not dial internationally, I am mildly fearful of the phone and tend to screen most calls. I know, and to think they used to let me manage a team of grown ups. I kept my secrets well hidden.

    Lucky you, and lucky BB to have found each other.

    But now then: news? News? OK, you have us all dying with curiosity here.

  8. Is that coffee and walnut cake in the tin under your desk?... and is that your best "come hither, dial for me, Mr M, and you shall have a slice" look?.... just wondered.........

  9. MrsM could try looking in the good old-fashioned Yellow Pages for the Tuvalu dialling code.

    She would qualify for a special award if she found it - finding anything in Yellow Pages is a test of endurance and cunning.

  10. I too was going to comment on your choice of hat for such an important phone call. Most appropriate.

    But Mr.M? Simply rolling my eyes is all I can manage.

  11. More than the mise I love the look you have while calling ...
    This is such a such a sweet post: two birds across the pond yet so close.

    PS I could have given you all the dial codes in Tuvalu.

  12. Yay for our bloggy friends, and what a treat to chat in person and share good news :-)

  13. How exciting!

    I appreciate your sentitment, though. Recently on a work conference I had to retrieve my own suitcase from the carousel at the ariport. I realised it was the first time I had ever done that. Someone always does it for me.

    I am woman, hear me roar...


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