Thursday, 25 November 2010

The Student Experience (1)

I think that you need to meet Gareth,
my favourite PhD student.
I was planning to keep him all to myself
but that would be selfish because
Gareth needs an Appreciation Society.

Today Gareth arrived in my office
with a bag of fruit scones and plain scones
(baked by himself)
and a jar of home made jam
and a tub of clotted cream.

Thank goodness it is at least three years
before he submits his thesis.


  1. I could print a picture of that scone AND EAT IT.

  2. A TUB of clotted cream? I am lucky to find small glass jars of clotted or Devon cream here, I can only imagine the luxury of a tub! Am thinking a lot of damage could be done in three years. Must quickly follow up with that is me expressing sour grapes at not having a Gareth in my life nor enough scones and cream. And, I must add, my word verification is amess. Good night Alice.

  3. What glory! In the absence of my own Gareth, I will now have to bake scones on the weekend. But I will be travelling a long way to find a tub of clotted cream.

  4. ... sorry I was licking the screen ...

    send him over!

  5. Sales of clotted cream soar sky high on a frosty day in England (thanks to Gareth)..........

  6. He sounds like a treasure. Perhaps you could extend his thesis deadline when the time comes, by a year or ten. No?

  7. surely he can be tempted to stay on for some post doctoral research?

  8. Can't you get him a fellowship once he's got his doctorate? Sounds like a definite asset to the Department.

  9. Did you know that Gareth's scones is an anagram of 'teachers' songs' and 'gnashes corset'. I leave you now, to get a life.

  10. Does he makes coffee cakes ?

  11. That looks delicious... I hope he's been snapped up by some gorgeous and forward thinking lovely!

  12. You just reminded me that I have some scones Nan made in the freezer! I'm having them for morning tea but alas no clotted cream here in this neck of the woods.....I know a few dairy farmers so I may have to work on that :-)

  13. I had just about recovered from the maniacal egg cravings I went through after you posted that picture of your dinner, and now you do THIS.

  14. Can your arteries stand another two and half years of Gareth?

    Oohh...just think in 'the future' someone browsing the archive will look at my comment and will look at the footnote 'In the early 21st Century, when saturated fats were consumed recklessly, the population often worried about cholesterol'.

    Unless of course you delete it..for which I wouldn't blame you.


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