Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Small Talk

I love meeting people at parties

because if you are patient
and listen carefully

you reach the moment in the conversation
when you discover what really matters
to the person in front of you...

it might be gardening, fast cars, gospel music,
vineyards in France or mountains in Austria
and these are all good subjects to chat about

but if you are really, really lucky
you might end up talking to a person
who collects vintage kimonos.


  1. You just have all the luck...

  2. and that person might be lucky enough to be talking to a blogger who's a great photographer with an eye for a fab visual diary post.
    Such riches, Alice...! thank you.

  3. I dread parties because I am soooo terrible at small talk. and at meeting new people. but I have a party to go to on Friday, and suddenly I am actually looking forward to it.

  4. How utterly, utterly wonderful to have met someone with that interest!

  5. How lucky for the collector of kimonos to have met someone who showed such an interest.

  6. You are surrounded by so many interesting people.

  7. Oh dear. I'm glad I don't go to parties now, because I'd end up talking about laundry.

  8. pati from londonNovember 23, 2010

    these kimonos are absolutely wonderful. I once went to the V&A for a lunchtime talk about kimonos and found it very interesting. Thanks for the beautiful pics! Pati x

  9. You mean you don't spend the first half hour scanning the room wildly, looking for the most discreet means of escape??? Maybe that's where I've been going wrong at parties.....

    But what a treat - vintage kimonos!

  10. Did you meet Christiane? How can this be?!

  11. I would love to meet that person! Lovely photos :-)


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