Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Compare and Contrast...

Sue's fridge is clean and tidy and empty
MrsM's fridge is clean and tidy and NOT empty

Executive Summary
More alcohol, less cake

Research Data
MrsM reviews the alcohol in her fridge:

white wine
(due to responsible consumption of oily fish)
additional bottle of white wine
(because fish is very good for you)
rosé wine
(Bill's superb recipe for beef daube)
(medicinal purposes only)
(to assist vitamin C absorption)
(for emergency celebrations)

Conclusion 1
MrsM uses space for essential items

Research Data
MrsM reviews the cake in her fridge:

There is no cake.

Conclusion 2
MrsM must do better.


  1. I would eat more fish if it came with a side of wine. (This is probably not true. I would drink the side of wine and then be full, and ask if I could be excused from the table.)

  2. Damn, we're having mackerel tonight but we drank the white wine last night.
    Your fridge sounds well stocked to me Alice.

  3. I follow Sue. Your fridge sounds like it is stocked to perfection.

  4. Sherry in the fridge? I'm afraid the bottles we buy are too tall to fit in the cupboard, let alone the fridge.

    I think you need to get some eclairs in there though. A balanced diet is vital.

  5. MrsM may be more devious than she would like us to believe. Cake in the fridge? Of course not. Show us the cake tins(s), MrsM!

    (If you really don't have any, you may be a suitable recipient for a Red Cross parcel - just let me know...)

  6. It is always important to be prepared for emergency celebrations. Well done Mrs. M.

  7. I need a bigger fridge. I can't even keep enough wine in it.

    Cake goes in a tin. Cake does not need to be refrigerated, because it only lasts 15.32 minutes.

  8. You had me going to check my fridge:
    4 Prosecco
    3 white wines
    1 magnum white wine
    1 Champagne
    And I won't tell you about the reds which don't require the fridge. You might ask why so much white wine ... because I don't drink that usually, it gives me headaches. I prefer good reds.


  9. I cleaned my fridge today. And re-stocked it. Why do you keep Gin in the fridge? Tonic, yes. And ice in the freezer of course. Not to mention lemons.

  10. MrsM top marks for alcohol storage, the cake you will soon put right, but dare I venture to remark, where is the chocolate, which is so excellent kept in the fridge? Keep up the good work!

  11. I just checked the contents of my fridge and now I'm too sozzled to remember what was in it ;-)

  12. My fridge is really rather small, so doesn't have alcohol in it (though of course there is tonic). I do however have a very well stocked cupboard in my livng room. I sometimes look at it and go "is this too much for one person?" and then I think that's silly. There is never too much.

    And I'm with driftwood - cake in a tin, not the fridge (unless it has cream in it)

  13. Should you keep gin in the fridge? I keep my tonic there. Gosh, do I have to move the gin from the hidden back of the purely for culinary purposes drinks cupborad? This is truly devastating news...


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