Friday, 11 March 2011

Knitted Landscapes

Main Street Bridge, Cambridge ON,
September 12, 2010

image from Body Soul and Spirit

There is a Professor outside my office
and he is introducing his guest to a colleague.

She is small, beautifully dressed
and she wants to study yarn bombing.

I think to myself...
I am so lucky to work
in such an amazing Department...
but if I don't write about it
no-one else will know

here I go again.


  1. May I be the first to say:



  2. i second it:
    though i must also add that i've had great fun reading through your first blog. Knocked down by a stomach bug for several days, i needed a comforting escape, and catching up with you has been a wonderful treat.

  3. I didn't know you could study Yarn Bombing??? How Fantasic, right up my alley :-)

  4. Oh, I am so pleased you are back! I've so missed your early morning titbits.

  5. I can't tell you how happy I am that you wanted to write again... especially about studying yarn bombing.

  6. So you're back. I was at the point of sending you a pleading email. Now I shall do cat-wise and sulk for a few days.......

  7. Hurrah, hurrah, you're back.

    I am very ignorant about yarn bombing though. Perhaps I should come to study it too.

  8. I second third and fourth above comments. You were missed.

    I missed your "Little comforts" and the fact someone can actually study Yarn Bobbing is very comforting indeed.

  9. I should like to live in a knitted landscape. good to see you again. x

  10. It was so kind of you to schedule your break for the week that my laptop broke - it was such a relief to realise that I hadn't missed too much. Nice to have you back,x

  11. What on earth is yarn bombing?

  12. Excellent. Yarn Bombing? Is this something I need to fear?

  13. This is amazing, and you are lucky. We've had some yarnbombing, too, but I think you actually need a whole lot of it, as, apparently in that picture, for it to make a very effective statement. Otherwise it just looks kind of ad hoc and ratty. Feel free to forward my opinions to your scholar --

  14. I am with Coffee Lady: as in I have no clue as to what yarn bombing is.
    But I am glad to see you back, even if I owe it to yarn bombing for your return.

  15. somewhat different from carpet bombing I think

  16. Wonderful to have you back. I can stop worrying about you now! Yarn bombing sounds fantastic - much more my sort of thing than paint balling..... Bobby x

  17. I knew you would not be gone terribly long. It was the "ish" trailing on the end of your soon that did occasionally make me nervous. I missed you.

  18. And when she wants to stage some practical yarn bombing experiments, you'll be the perfect recruiter!


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