Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Siesta, Interior at Nice
Henri Matisse (1869 - 1954)

All day long I stare
at the wire trays
and the year planner
and the filing cabinets
and the lever arch files
and the neatly arranged noticeboard.

The sun streams through the louvred windows
and the sounds of spring leak into my office:
the chatter of magpies, the rattle of mowers,
the murmur of students sitting on newly cut grass.

When I go home I soak myself
with pictures of magnolias
and give thanks that other people
have been to Kew in March
when I could not go.


  1. But isn't that just the beauty of being alive in this era? I was able a while ago to look at a New Zealand South Island Robin (via a blog). That little bird stole my heart.......

  2. ... and where is everbody else this morning?..... are you all "twittering"????

    "All by myself......... don't wannabe............ all by myself.............."

  3. Or maybe the world has ended and I am the only one left (she wrote, the hairs standing up on her neck)....

    Oh no, it's okay, I can hear the bin men..........

  4. I am looking out of the window at a cold grey Lancashire Morning. Spring has shut iself away up here, but I can re-visit via blogs. Life can be much more simple than we make it.

  5. Oh yes, the first signs of spring ...

  6. My magnolias are just coming into bloom. I am so lucky!
    Bobby x

  7. Feeling very restless over here, waiting for milder temperatures and the rest of the snow to melt. Those are exquisite images of magnolias.

  8. I feel ashamed now, you were sitting there giving thanks for the photos, and I was feeling a bit grumpy that it's too far to ever go.....

  9. I may have to now switch my flower association to you from camellia to magnolia!


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