Monday, 14 March 2011

Mirrors _1

De oorbel
George Hendrik Breitner (1857 - 1923)

MrsM peers into the mirror.
It is early morning
and the low sunbeams
sparkle on her hair.

MrsM leans forward to admire
her natural highlights
and reels back in horror
at the sight of her
first grey hair.

In a split second all grand plans
to go grey gracefully
are utterly abandoned.

MrsM gloomily considers her options.


  1. I find the simplest method of dealing with grey hairs is to take off my glasses.

    This also works wonderfully well for "character lines."

  2. No!
    Go grey gracefully!
    I speak from experience.
    Just this weekend I have decided to stop coloring my hair - it's a terrible burden!

  3. Go with it!!
    No dye job ever looks natural. And you will forever be checking your roots. And trying to squeeze in hair dying appointments before this occasion and that. and worrying about what happens to it when you go swimming, or sit in the sun without a hat...

    Be good to yourself, let it do what it's going to do.

    Grey is awesome!! Grey is cool!!

  4. ONE grey hair?? You are merely in the tweezers phase.

  5. Pull it. Pull it. I've never dyed my hair, but am wondering if I should start as a form of pre-emptive strike.

  6. Sorry to be a prophet of doom but one starts the avalanche. I had my salt n pepper blond coloured a few weeks ago and now it is yellow! beware hairdressers who say 'it just needs cheering up'

  7. My first grey hair: 17.
    Been a slave EVER since.
    Please sit and consider your options VERY carefully.

  8. Ugh, I've had grey hairs for years. And they are curly, so horribly obvious.

    Please don't talk to me about mirrors. Our huge bathroom mirror fell off the wall yesterday and smashed to smithereens. Fortunately no one was in the room at the time - there were pieces of glass embedded in the toilet seat!!!

  9. I'm with Zephyr.......... It has the added bonus of being able to get into the Cinema cheaper too!

  10. It's not so bad!
    Especially if you can avoid young children who ask,
    "Why is your hair all grey?",
    when you are convinced that you've still got loads of interesting colour in there!

  11. Looking in mirrors in early morning light is folly...

    and advice from someone who spent far too many years and pounds in colouring her hair... go grey. It was the best thing I did!

  12. The options are all gloom-inducing. My choice is to go down the colouring path, fighting - if I could grow evenly grey it might be easier to accept, but badger-stripes? Never!

    Be brave. There are no right or wrong answers.

  13. Only yesterday I was encouraging my eldest to pull out the grey hair she had spotted. As she is only seven, I wonder about the lesson in vanity I am unwittingly teaching.

  14. My cousin went a stylish white very young and looks terrific but we can't all be so lucky. I'm not keen on the drab dusty look that I inherited, but equally not that keen on the costly foil packet alternative. Just don't go for the job lot of aubergine dye option, the grey parting reappears in a matter of days.

  15. My advice - get a stylish haircut that makes you feel sassy and the grey won't matter. I died mine for a year and gave up when I got a haircut I liked and have never regretted it. Years ago a hairdresser told me not to colour my hair because everyone's skin tone changes as they grow older, so to keep your original hair colour won't work. And of course I believe every word she says... C.

  16. Of course that should have been "dyed". No need for Freud here... C.

  17. Grey is terrifically fashionable!
    Sfgirlbybay says so!

  18. I think one grey hair may not necessarily be a harbringer of doom, however if you do decide to go the colour route I can recommend some particularly fantastic copper colours (not that I'm biased having recently done the same for different reasons)

  19. I was born with grey hair !

  20. All I know is that the longer my mother colored her hair, the more drastically blond it got. It alarmed her, but she swore that grey would be awful with her light eyes and complexion.

    And then one day she just let the real thing grow in. And it looks GOOD.

    Love, She Who Has Had A Zillion Greys for Her Entire Parenting Career

  21. Just call them silver rather than grey. A little rebranding can often change one's whole perspective.

  22. Yes I have a few silver highlights these days and leaving off my glasses doesn't work anymore.....I figure these days more people are looking at the dreads and not the colour sprinkled thru them so I don't worry about it ;-0


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