Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Mirrors _ 2

Staand naakt
Georg Hendrik Breitner (1857 - 1923)

MrsM has a secret habit
(previously unconfessed)
of listening to indie music
and she has fallen in love with
a Brighton band , Mirrors.

MissM generously offers
to accompany her mother to a gig
and so MrsM checks out tour dates.

Alas, the band is still newish
and the venues are not large.
The next suitable date is
Naked Tuesday
at the Corsica Studios.

MrsM dolefully remembers
that she is now grey haired
and reluctantly decides that
Naked Tuesday
is not really an option.



  1. Well, I could repeat my grey hair cure of removing one's glasses, but that might also take much of the fun out of Naked Tuesday.

  2. You could wear a hat and dark glasses?...and stand in the back:)

  3. OMG! Do you think a few gray hairs held back Mick Jagger or Tina Turner?
    Its a badge of honor, wear it proudly!
    Either that or just sit down - in the rocking chair, cover your knees with something knitted.....and, you know, wait for death.
    Could be worse, RIGHT?
    Go listen to music and dance like no one's watching.

  4. Yeah, Naked Tuesdays are a problem for me too. Thursdays, however, work just fine!

  5. I must be honest, on Naked Tuesday my grey hair would be the least of my worries.

  6. Do you actually have to be naked? Let's face it, if everyone is, nobody is going to be looking at anyone's hair.

  7. I am captivated by that picture - lovely.

    Tuesdays can be a little bland - I can see the appeal of adding some nakedness to make things more interesting.

  8. Ah, you're at that difficult stage: Awful Realisation. But before you know it, you'll have moved smoothly into the much more restful stage of Not Giving a Damn Any More...... Just remember that nakedness when at that stage can frighten the horses; be guided by MissM.

  9. You are very wise.
    Sadly, it comes with age.

  10. No no no- you must go! Watch the suffragettes anthem on Philosophy of Lists and then go!

  11. Oh my god -- did you see the tattoos on the woman in the poster? (Sadly, for me it would be the time -- 10 pm -3 am!!! -- that would be the biggest problem. But my hair has been grey for a while.)

  12. It's not too late! You can still go! Do it!

    (and a single grey hair should not put you off for two reasons
    1. There are indie girls who dye their hair grey on purpose. Fact.
    2. My friend Woo has a full head of grey hair and a beard to match, he has a son and daughter who are both my age and he STILL outdances me at every possible occassion. Grey hair is not a barrier)


  13. ps. Indie for the win x

  14. Time would be my constraint as well...I am getting my beauty sleep at that time these days!


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