Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The road through Hlatikulu

When I was a little girl
I lived in Africa...
did I ever tell you that?

Swaziland is a tiny country
squeezed between
the vast space of South Africa
and the coast of Mozambique.

It doesn't feel very long ago to me
but it was another world,
before the end of apartheid
and before the ravages of Aids.

My father was a vet
and we lived in a one street town
in the middle of nowhere.

These pictures are from the
recently released photographic collection
of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
shared on Flickr by the National Archive (UK)

and they bring back vivid memories
of those happy, far away times.

Africa through a lens


  1. You, my friend,
    are a fascinating woman.

    I do a wicked mean impersonation of Meryl Streep saying *I had a farm once, in Africa.*

  2. I had a quick flick through some of those photos when they were first released, as The Poolboy also lived in Africa as a child. Fascinating collection of photos, aren't they?

  3. I know I am boringly repetitive but I can only second Bb.

  4. Well, I never knew. You are indeed a fascinating woman and I consider myself fortunate to have such interesting friends.

  5. You are full of surprises dear Alice. Wonderful images.

  6. Ooooo! Do you know Richard E. Grant then?

  7. (something happened when i attempted to comment...hope this isn't redundant)

    These photographs are very moving. And, i repeat what others have said: what a fascinating person you are!

  8. somehow it doesn't surprise me.

  9. ditto (the "I never knew!", not the "not surprised")

  10. Fab photos. I lived in North Africa (Western Sahara) before coming to Manhattan - talk about culture shock... C.x

  11. I remember learning about that place :-) it would have been hard being a vet there!


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