Friday, 18 March 2011

the scent of cherry blossom

Sometimes it is hard to let go of the day.

On this particular evening
I pause in the car park
and the scent of cherry blossom
is heavy on the air around me.

After a while I accept
that I will always remember
the student who sat
in the chair beside my desk today
and the words that I spoke to him.

I look at the fondant colours
of the cherry blossom petals
and I wish with all my heart
that it could have been
an ordinary day.

And then I get in the car
and drive home.


  1. particularly poignant given events in Japan.


  2. I was just hoping your student wasn't from Japan. I am crocheting Japanese flowers at the moment and sending healing thoughts as I make them. I love cherry blossoms, we don't seem to be able to grow them here though :-(

  3. Oh, Alice, I have no words here.
    It has been days to break hearts and I am wondering and thinking that you have contact with several/many students whom you would wrap up in love and comfort if you could.

  4. Cherry Blossom is proof that even through disaster the world continues.

    I am sure the student benefitted from spending time with you.

  5. I think sometimes we need to hang on to the memories of such days.

  6. I am sure you helped and comforted, whatever the need was. I wish I'd had someone like you to talk to when I was a student.

  7. I am sure his heart felt less heavy when he left your office Alice.

  8. If your writing here is any measure, you will have chosen your words carefully and they will have been perfect for the occasion. I'm sure the student will always be grateful for your time and effort.

  9. Ordinary days seem difficult to find. I hope you have one soon.

  10. Are there any ordinary days?

  11. I hope he was comforted, whatever the situation


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