Sunday, 13 March 2011

shades of blue

what did I do
while I was away?

I went shopping with MissM
and we stopped for coffee
and did not tell MrM
who believes that sitting in cafes
is an extravagant waste of car park tickets.

I finished the little blue jumper
and realised that styling knitwear
for photoshoots
is not in my future.

I took photos of my white camellia
on my new blue pinwheel plate
and wondered if I love the plate
or the camellia more.

I went halfy/halfy with MrM
on a bag of white chocolate buttons.
Just to make him happy.

And I saw these star flowers
tucked among the roots of a tree
and realised that it is Spring at last.


  1. It's so nice
    to have
    you back.

  2. Alice, I love your writing so much. You always make me feel like there are bright corners of happiness just around every corner and I love your eye for quietly beautiful details.

  3. Good to know that the photos were continuing even when the words weren't!

  4. My favourite thing is the plate, followed by the white chocolate buttons. But I feel a little mean relegating the flowers to third place.

  5. Your time away from us was not wasted then.

  6. Breathtaking photo of the Camelia.

  7. MrM would consider me to be horribly profligate. I have been known to park with the express purpose of drinking coffee. But then so has my naughty husband.

    Ooooh, and in the interests of keeping you sustained when you visit Cambridge, we found a lovely place for coffee and lunch yesterday (with free parking) for next time you come up this way - the Gog Magog Farm Shop, very close to the Babraham P&R. I have no idea why we haven't visited before. I am definitely going back.

  8. Can you not compromise and walk to the cafe?

  9. So glad you are back Alice. I adore the camellia and the buttons pictures.

    I'm still puzzled by the Mansard roof reference though...

  10. Loving your posts! Such style!

  11. So pleased to have you back and with such beautiful photos.

  12. It would be very good if you were to show us the whole of the lovely new pinwheel plate.......

    I know... I'm always asking for more. It's my Oliver Twist Syndrome.

  13. i, too, love the plate with the camellia...but i also love those pearl buttons on that lovely knitting

  14. Lucky that you know where to park when in Cambridge then!

  15. Such a gloriously perfect camelia - so pure, and obviously what that plate is meant for.

  16. Sue
    I think Mrs M is contemplating launching into full time writing and is choosing the name of her first novel. It should of course have been Mansard Park. time consuming admin obviously made her a little confused.

  17. And all of it, every little thing, is beautiful (but especially those flowers).

  18. Thats a tough plate or camelia???? I think i would go for the chocolate buttons too ;-)


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