Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Catching Up

Thank you for all of your messages yesterday...
every single smile reached me
and brought sunshine to my desk.

I am behind with my replies already
so no change there, I'm afraid.

Anyway, where were we?

Well...there were exams
and they finished...
and that's just about the best thing
that I can say about that.

MasterM and MissM came back home
and then went away again.

And then we went to France.

We drove all the way to Provence.
Actually, MrM drove and I sat still.
All the way there and back.
We have discussed this.

Moving swiftly on...

we stayed in a Normandy manor house,
a medieval coaching inn near Chablis
and a selection of chateaux:
deliciously fabulous at one end of the spectrum
and wildly eccentric at the other end.

We ate in all sorts of restaurants
but I think that this was my favourite:
a tiny place in a Provencal village
run by a charming young couple.

The menu was perfect for a hot day in summer
and every detail of the service delightful.

As we sat in the village square
drinking peach kir and talking with our friends
the holiday finally settled upon us.

Lupin Blanc at Revest-des-Brousses


All of the doors in the post yesterday
can be found in Revest-des-Brousses.
It would not take you long.


  1. aaaah, peach kir on the village square. that embodies summer

  2. sounds like a great time - glad to have you back :)

  3. My heart is aching to go, but for now, I will be content to see France through eyes, thank you for sharing.

  4. I'm glad to have you back.
    Please pass the olives.

  5. Oh...yum...and it is so nice to have you back. Did i say that already?

  6. It all looks delicious, and I, too, am so glad to have you back. And I'm sure it was most appropriate for MrM to do the driving, so you could be free to ponder all the things you would be telling us. Please thank MrM for me.

  7. I'd have been happy for MrM to do all the driving. Driving on the wrong side of the road is scary.

    Your holiday sounds wonderful.

  8. J does all the driving in our family. my driving makes him car sick apparently. I used to be offended but then realised the delight of being a passenger and let him be chauffeur!

  9. I hate CK being a passenger. He sits bolt upright with his arms crossed. He says it is just how he sits, I say his body language betrays his subconscious. Made life unpleasant when he taught me to drive. Hmmmm...maybe I should have him sit in the back and bring a child into the front...

  10. Mr DC does the long distance driving in our family because I loathe the M25 and go round it with my eyes shut - best I am not behind the wheel.

    I wish I had a sunny peach kir this grey morning instead of a mug of instant coffee ...

  11. You've certainly eaten well over the past few weeks!

  12. personally I thought I was doing MrsM a favour by letting her check up on all the Glasto tweets as we were motoring through France. Big country though ...but worth the trip to the south although I can understand why fly/drive is a popular option.

    MrsM will be doing all the driving on our next jaunt - will ask her nicely first of course

  13. So super to have you back. Sounds like a wonderful journey--especially when chauffeured! K x

  14. Goodness, just found your blog, and am now yearning to hop on Eurostar.....
    Re city between Detroit and Chicago, it is indeed Kzoo and where I used to live until last November......and now, much to my surprise, I 'm a good few thousand miles to the east, in Cheshire, and trying to decide what I'm supposed to be doing here......

  15. Food looks delicious - glad I'm going out for lunch today (rare treat!). My husband hates being driven but always complains about doing all the driving - no answer to it really!

  16. The very best way to drive through France is as a passenger.....

    As the person who did all the driving last time, with a carload of sleeping people, I envy you.

  17. AnonymousJuly 12, 2011

    Oh, that sounds like heaven. Hooray! (I actually like to drive, but K always wants to and then complains about my navigating. Hmm. Next time I will drive.)

  18. Hello! You sound refreshed. A change is as good as a rest.

  19. That sounded like one heck of a holiday, good to have you back though.


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